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Model #:F6215900

SteamVac Agility

SteamVac Agility

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    Product Description

    For deep carpet cleaning that's as easy as vacuuming, this lightweight, maneuverable unit comes with an array of convenient features. The cleaner gets under furniture and in hard-to-reach areas with its low-profile hood, which is transparent and removable for easy clean up. At the push of a switch, the Clean Surge feature provides heavy-duty cleaning for the worst type of dirt, like high-traffic areas and pet stains, while removable side-by-side tanks are easy to fill, and dirty water and clean water always remain separate. The cleaning solution and carpet are heated by forced air to assist in the cleaning process, to aid in drying, and to save time. Five exclusive SpinScrub brushes, which pop out for easy cleaning, work together, touching carpet fibers on all sides to gently loosen dirt. The cleaner comes with a removable tool caddy with powered hand tools, including a hand tool with SpinScrub brushes, which is ideal for carpeted stairs and upholstery. Due to its convenient folding handle, the unit comes fully assembled and is ready to use once detergent and water have been added. The cleaner measures approximately 13 by 23 by 30 inches and carries a one-year warranty.

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