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Model #:AH37002

Oxy Clean Packs

Oxy Clean Packs

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    Product Highlights

    • Attacks and breaks down tough stains like ketchup, dirt, pasta sauce, coffee, grape juice and more
    • Precisely formulated to tackle all your tough set-in stains
    • Sealed Pack to ensure you don't waste liquid again
    • 100% Recyclable Pouch

    Product Description

    The Hoover Oxy Permanent Stain Removal Clean Pack will be your go-to hero for set-in stains of all types. The Oxy powered formulated targets and breaks down tough stains and permanently removes evidence from carpets and upholster. This innovative stain removal pod is sealed to conserve wasted liquid without the added need to measure on your part. One pod precisely supplies one tank of concentrated stain removing formula so usage and storage stays easy, even when life is brimming with all the hard stuff. With Hoover Oxy, there's always a clean pack ready to go to work for you.

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    Get to Clean Quicker

    No measuring, no spills, no mess.

    Hoover’s new Clean Packs are your one-step solution for any of life’s on-the-go cleaning needs. Each pod contains the precise amount of concentrated stain-removing formula to get the optimal performance out of your carpet washer - cleaning away even the toughest of stains in 3 easy steps. Plus, reduce waste with 100% recyclable pouches that are 70% lighter than a comparable 64oz bottle of formula.