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Model #:AH84000

Car Cleaning Tool Kit

Car Cleaning Tool Kit

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    Product Highlights

    • CAR INTERIOR CLEANING: Perfect for car detailing tasks
    • 4 PIECE TOOL KIT: The included Dry Debris Tool, Bristle Agitator Insert, Crevice Insert and Max Extraction Tool are the best accessories to easily clean the inside of the car, leaving it refreshed for the next drive
    • WET & DRY CLEANING: Pick up dry debris, lift stains and clean hard-to-reach areas inside the car quickly and easily
    • FOR USE WITH ALL HOOVER SPOT CLEANERS & CARPET CLEANERS*: Simply attach the versatile tools to the end of the hose on a Hoover Spot Cleaner or Carpet Cleaner
    • AUTO PORTABLE SOLUTION: The included Auto Solution is designed to clean stains and leave the car’s upholstery and carpeted surfaces refreshed

    Product Description

    The Hoover Car Interior Cleaning Tool Kit comes with everything you need to keep your car’s interior in great condition. From quick and easy pickups on seats and in crevices with the included dry debris tool and crevice insert to powerful stain extraction with the max extraction tool and included solution, this accessory kit makes spot cleaners and upright carpet cleaners your car’s best friends.

    *Excluding Hoover PowerDash

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    Tools Included

    • Max Extraction Tool

      The powerful suction extracts tough messes and stains while the unique shape helps clean in the cracks and crevices of car seats.

    • Dry Debris Tool

      Vacuum up dry messes, like crumbs, hair and more before cleaning wet messes, eliminating the need for a separate vacuum cleaner.

    • Bristle Agitator Insert

      Attach to the Dry Debris Tool to dust surfaces and clean up pet hair and other debris.

    • Crevice Insert

      Attach to the Dry Debris Tool to reach down into tight spots between car seats to ensure every nook and cranny is clean.

    • Auto Portable Solution

      Take special care of car upholstery with a solution designed to clean stains and keep your interior refreshed for longer.

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