Warranty Information

What does my warranty cover? 

Hoover warranties will warranty products for the stated length against original defects in material and workmanship, also known as manufacturing defects.

Where do I find my warranty? 

Please refer to our Product Manuals – Hoover,  your product information will be in the manual for your unit.

How long is my warranty? 

Please refer to your unit’s manual to find the length of your unit. For parts, accessories, missing screws, bolts, or fasteners,warranty is90 daysafter purchase, unless damaged by defect of another warrantable component.

What is not covered under warranty? 

  • Product missing Proof of Purchase (as required under policy), missing appropriate data labels, or purchased from an unauthorized seller.   

  • Purchased Part, Aftermarket/Consumable Part, Warranty Replacement Part after 90 days from purchase  

  • Accessories lost or damaged by misuse   

  • Solution tanks damaged by inappropriate chemical usage or water temperature, or broken by misuse or damage not because of manufacturing defect  

  • Any component damage, including motors, resulting from lack of maintenance (as recommended in owner’s manual)  

  • Misuse of product, acts of God, nature, or vandalism, alterations in product, or use of voltages other than indicated on product and in owner’s manual   

  • Damage resulting from improper assembly   

  • Parts that are a part of any scheduled tune-up or maintenance programs whether free or paid   

  • Expendable or consumable parts such as carbon motor brushes, bearings, squeegees, edge brushes, bags, sole and base plates (after 90 days of purchase unless damaged by defect of another warrantable component), and other components subject to normal wear and tear unless obvious defect in material or workmanship.