How to Clean Area Rugs

Area rugs add a level of coziness to your home, but they also collect every memory—and every mess—your family leaves behind. Like right at the front door where the kids rush in with muddy shoes on a rainy day. Or that well-traveled area in front of your favorite spot on the couch.


 And while area rugs keep our hard floors clean and protected, they start looking pretty dirty over time as the messes pile up. Eventually, getting a fresh start can seem intimidating, but it’s really not a big deal when you’re equipped with the right deep-cleaning tools. Just follow these easy expert tips and those well-traveled spots will look like new in no time!


1. Vacuum thoroughly to remove surface dirt and pet hair. This step is important! Getting rid of all that surface debris before you deep clean will make sure your end-result is flawless. Use a powerful vacuum like the HOOVER High Performance Swivel to ensure you get it all up.


2. Pre-treat stains like muddy paw prints, pet accidents or set-in spills. Cover these spots with HOOVER pre-treat solution spray then give it time to do its job. The solution needs to sit for about 10 minutes to really tackle tougher stains.


3. Deep clean with a compact carpet cleaner like the HOOVER PowerDash™. Its smaller size is perfect for cleaning small area rugs, high-traffic spots and tight spaces while still being super powerful for taking on whatever stains life throws down. Be sure to finish up with a few dry strokes without squeezing the trigger so your carpets dry quickly!


And there you have it! Clean area rugs that look and feel so refreshed. Keep these tips handy so deep cleaning can be seriously simple every time.