Whether your dog thinks your carpet stinks or you do, carpet powders are a quick and easy fix. Learn why your carpet may have
developed the odor and how simple it can be to get rid of!

What Makes Carpets Stink

While there are many reasons your carpets may have developed a less-than-stellar smell, your dog being one potential culprit, it typically comes down to a few key components.  

Moisture can be a significant source of stink, especially if residual liquid is left after carpet cleaning. This is one of the main advantages of faster-drying carpet cleaning options from Hoover so you can avoid smells like mold or mildew.

Other sources of smell can be dirt, soil, or pet dander. So, while your pup may be judging you for the smell, they could also be one of the leading causes.

But whether it be dirt, spills, or anything in between, no one likes a smelly rug. Luckily, carpet powders are a quick and efficient way to give your space a refresh.

How Carpet Powders Can Help

Carpet powders are a quick and easy way to brighten up the smell of any rug or carpet. Pick the scent you love, sprinkle it on a few minutes before you plan to vacuum, and then vacuum like you normally would.

By covering up and eliminating any off-putting odors, they are a great way to achieve a quick refresh in between full carpet cleaning sessions.

Great for Any Cleaning Routine

Since carpet powders are so easy to use and can be tailored to any preference of scent or strength of scent, they can easily slot into any cleaning routine. Not much time to tidy before having guests? Sprinkle some on, take care of another short task, and vacuum away.

With only a couple extra minutes and steps, your carpets will smell excellent, lasting days before the scent begins to fade.

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