Cutting the cord on cleaning can impact your day-to-day life far more than you may think. From unlocking the potential to clean anywhere to eliminating some of the classic cleaning hassles, making the switch to ONEPWR, the most advanced cordless cleaning network in the world, can be life-changing.

Messes Don’t Always Happen Near an Outlet

 If messes don’t always happen near an outlet, why should your cleaning products be tethered to one? Cleaning spills in cars, hard floors in a different room or chasing dust to the upper limits of your reach, cords only serve to slow you down.

Pop in a ONEPWR battery, and chase messes wherever they happen. Use ONEPWR CleanSlate to erase a spilled drink in the car or convert ONEPWR Emerge into a hand vacuum and easily reach dust on fans and ceiling molding.

Cord Hassles Should Be a Thing of the Past

Forget wrapping up the cord or leaving your vacuum tethered to a wall for hours on end. Swap in freshly charged ONEPWR batteries for virtually limitless runtime, and recharge spent batteries in no time.
Whether you typically have to rearrange furniture, wrap dozens of feet of power cord or have to walk back and forth from the outlet after accidentally yanking the cord out of the wall, ONEPWR cleaning products can solve it all.

Unlock the Most Advanced Cordless Cleaning Network

With only a single battery, you can accomplish more in the ONEPWR cordless cleaning network than with any other cordless cleaning system in the world. Swap between:

  • spot cleaning
  • hard floor cleaning
  • vacuuming, scrubbing
  • carpet cleaning
  • and more, all with the same battery

To avoid any runtime limitations, simply swap between freshly charged batteries to keep the clean going, all without having to worry about moving the cord between outlets or around furniture. With over 20 cordless cleaning products to choose from, the ONEPWR network is the future of whole-home cleaning and beyond.

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