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What's in the box?

Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush

What's in the box?

QuickLift™ Deluxe
Crevice Tool
XL Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush
Turbo Tool
Baseboard Duster
Flexible Dusting Brush
Accessory Bag

What's in the box?

Professional Pet
Professional Pet Plus
Crevice Tool
Deluxe Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush
Pet Turbo Tool
Pet Upholstery Tool

What's in the box?

Powered Reach™ Plus
Powered Reach™ Premier Pet
Powered Reach™ Premier
Deluxe Crevice Tool
XL Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush
Flexible Dusting Brush
Powered Stair Tool
Baseboard Duster
Pet Upholstery Tool
Upholstery Tool
Hard Floor Duster
Accessory Bag

What's in the box?

Powered Reach™ Lite
Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush
Turbo Tool
  • Features & Benefits

    Take daily cleaning off your list with the technology and convenience of the Quest™ 1000. The combination of Local Wi-Fi connectivity with the Hoover App and our Tri-Clean System creates the optimal, smart cleaning experience. QuestNav™ 3.0 Technology intelligently maps your home for the most efficient clean. Our advanced Lithium-Ion Technology helps ensure your Quest™ 1000 stays a step ahead of dirt, dust and pet hair.

    • Local WI-FI Connected - download the Hoover App to easily operate and schedule your Quest™ 1000
    • QuestNav 3.0™ Technology - laser mapping enables the Quest™ 1000 to systematically navigate around your home for the most efficient clean
    • Tri-Clean System - picks up dirt, dust and pet hair on hard floors and carpet
    • Cliff Sensor - detects stairs and drop-offs to avoid falling
    • Lithium-Ion Technology - delivers up to 120 minutes of fade-free runtime
  • Specs

    • Warranty

      1 Year(s)

    • Battery Run Time

      120 Minutes

    • Battery Type

      Lithium Ion 

    • Battery Volts

      14.4 Volts

    • Charge Time

      3 HR 

    • Cordless


    • Empty Bin

      Pull Out Bin 

    • Usage

      Home Use 

    • Primary Filter Life

      12 Months 

    • New Product


    • Cleaning Path

      11 Inches

    • Removable Brushes


    • Dirt Cup Capacity

      0.6 Liters

    • Product Weight

      7.7 Pounds

  • Reviews

  • FAQs


    General Questions

    Will the Quest go under my furniture?

    The Quest 1000 has a height of 3.5 inches which should also allow it to clean under most furniture.


    How long will the Quest’s battery last?

    The Quest 1000 has a runtime of approximately 120 minutes.


    How do I charge the Quest?

    For the Quest 1000 simply place it on the docking station or press the DOCK button on the top.


    How long does it take Quest to charge?

    The Quest 1000 will take approximately 3 hours to completely charge.


    How do I know when the dirt cup is full?

    We recommend the dirt cup be checked and/or emptied after every use.


    How often does the filter need to be cleaned?

    We recommend the filter be checked after every use. If you notice a buildup of dirt and dust, you should rinse your filter.


    When should I replace my Quest filter?

    The Quest filter is rinsable, which is perfect for long-term use. If you are unable to rinse all of the dirt and dust from your filter, it may require replacement. The Quest 1000 does come with one filter replacement.


    Does the Quest clean all floor surfaces?

    The Quest 1000 works on hard floors and carpet.


    Will the Quest fall down my stairs?

    The Quest has a Cliff Sensor, which will sense a drop and prevent it from falling down any stairs.


    Do I have to use the Hoover App to schedule the Quest?

    For the Quest 1000, scheduling can be done through the Hoover App or directly on the Quest 1000.


    What does the spinning side brush on the Quest do?

    The spinning side brush sweeps dirt, dust and pet hair from your floors, baseboards and hard to access corners into the suction cleaning path.


    Does the Quest clean multiple rooms?

    The Quest will clean multiple rooms, as long as they are easily accessible.


    Does Quest remember where it has cleaned?

    The Quest 1000 will map your floor plan and clean until the battery level is low, when this occurs it returns to the docking station. When the battery is charged again, Quest will return to where it stopped cleaning to finish the job.


    Can I leave my Quest running when I’m not home?

    Yes. Your Quest can be scheduled to clean whenever works best for your needs and schedule.


    How do I schedule cleanings with my remote?

    a. You can schedule Quest to perform daily or weekly cleans all from your robot.
    b. Press the schedule (SCH) button located on top of the Quest.
    c. Use the DAY button to select the day you want cleaning performed.
    d. Press and hold the DAY button to accept the specified day.
    e. Use the HOUR + MIN buttons to set the time.
    f. Then press OK when done.
    g. If you change your mind just press AUTO to cancel your scheduled cleaning.


    How do I set the clock on the Quest?

    a. Press the CLOCK button on the top of your Quest.
    b. Use the DAY, HOUR and MIN buttons to set the Clock to the appropriate time.
    c. Press OK when done.
    d. You can utilize the AUTO button to cancel.
    e. Please note you will have to manually adjust the clock for time changes.


    What are the buttons on the top of the Quest?

    a. AUTO- Starts and stops automatic cleaning.
    b. DOCK- Sends your Quest back to the docking station.
    c. CLOCK- The internal clock for your Quest
    d. SCH- Schedules daily or weekly cleaning for your Quest
    e. SPOT- Spot cleans and 3 foot area where the robot is located.


    How do I change the remotes battery?

    a. Slide out the battery tray located at the bottom of your remote.
    b. Remove the old battery and replace with a new CR2025 battery.
    c. Replace the battery tray at the bottom of your remote.


    How do I keep the Quest out of a specific room?

    At this time, Quest 1000 cannot be kept out of a specific room unless it is inaccessible to your Quest. You can utilize the Hoover App to view your home’s laser map to see exactly where your Quest is cleaning.


    What do the buttons on the Quest remote do?



    What do I do if the side brush gets tangled or caught in the brush roll?

    a. Remove screw that connects the side brush to the robot with the screwdriver included in your Quest box.
    b. Remove the side brush from your robot.
    c. Flatten and untangle bristles.
    d. Clean off any hair, lint or dirt that may be on your side brush.
    e. Screw side brush back onto your Quest 1000.


    Why didn’t the Quest return to the docking station?

    Should your Quest not return to the docking station, here’s some easy steps to find out why: a. Examine the docking station to ensure it’s plugged in, positioned on a hard surface and has at least a 4 foot clear path on each side.
    b. Ensure that your Quest has a clear path to the docking station and that there are no foreign objects (tape, stickers, etc.) in its path.
    c. Check for dirt and dust on the bumper of your Quest or on the docking station. If you see dirt and dust, wipe the sensors on the docking station and on the bumper and bottom (underside) of the Quest with a clean, dry cloth.
    d. Your Quest’s battery may be low, place your Quest directly on the dock so it can recharge.


    What do I do when my robot gets stuck?

    If your Quest becomes stuck, utilize the turn buttons on the remote to dislodge it. If that doesn’t work try picking your Quest up and removing it from the area where it is stuck.


    What are reasons my Quest may not be working?

    a. Be sure the switch underneath your Quest is in the ON position.
    b. Your Quest may not have enough of a charge to clean, place it on the dock and wait for a short beep and flashing blue LED to confirm that your Quest is properly docked for charging.
    c. Your dirt cup may be full, check and empty the dirt cup.
    d. You may have something stuck in your brush roll. Examine the brush roll to ensure this is not the issue.
    e. Your Quest may be stuck, try moving your Quest from its current position.
    f. Try flipping the power switch back and forth from ON to OFF several times to reset your Quest.


    Why is my Quest beeping and blinking?

    a. Red LED blinks, Blue LED is on- Indicates your Quest’s battery is too low to clean.
    b. Red LED blinks, Blue LED blinks and continuous beeps of 30 sec length- Indicates that your Quest’s dirt cup is installed incorrectly or not at all.
    c. Red LED blinks, Blue LED is on and 2 long beeps- Could be an indication of the following:
    i. Your Quest’s drive wheel, side brush or brush roll may be stuck
    ii. Your Quest's cliff sensors on all 3 sides are sensing an object so it is stuck
    iii. Your Quest’s bumper may be stuck



    Do I need to clean the robot?

    Cleaning off the front bumper where the sensor is located can help the Quest navigate more effectively.


    How do I clean the brush roll?

    a. Your Quest 1000 comes with a brush for cleaning your brush roll, you may use to remove excess dirt, dust and hair. If a deeper clean is needed follow the instructions below.
    b. Be sure to turn your Quest OFF by utilizing the switch on the side of your robot.
    c. When your Quest is upside down you can then slide the brush roll support tab out to unlock the brush roll.
    d. Remove the brush roll from your robot.
    e. Clean off any stuck on hair, lint or dirt from the brush roll.
    f. Replace the brush roll and slide the brush roll support tab back into place.
    g. Turn your Quest ON.


    How do I empty the dirt cup?

    a. Ensure that your Quest is switched OFF.
    b. Press the button on the side of your Quest and your dirt cup will separate from your Quest.
    c. Slide up the red buttons on the sides to open the lid.
    d. Empty the dirt cup and clean with your cleaning brush.
    e. Push the round button on top of Dirt cup and pull out the Motor Fan assembly.
    f. Remove the filter and clean it.
    g. Rinse out the dirt cup and filter with warm water and dry for 24 hours.
    h. Insert your filter back into your dirt cup, making sure the filter is locked into position on either side.
    i. Attach the Motor Fan assembly.
    j. Replace the dirt cup and switch your Quest ON.


    Should I clean the Quest’s wheels?

    Yes. Utilize your included cleaning brush to clean the front, left and right wheels, performing this task regularly ensures your Quest moves with ease.



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    Additional Support

    How can I register my Hoover product?

    Our online registration form makes it quick and easy.


    How do I get an owner's manual for my Hoover cleaner?

    Click here and review the available online manuals by model number. If you do not find the appropriate manual, call us at 1-800-944-9200 M-F 8 AM - 7 PM EST and we'll help you find what you're looking for.


    Click here to submit a help ticket with our customer service team.


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