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Hoover® carries a wide variety of reliable, dependable vacuums that deliver high performance and superior cleaning. We offer different styles of vacuums, including upright vacuums, canister vacuums, bagged vacuums, bagless vacuums, and vacuums with many tools and accessories that handle several home cleaning tasks beyond floor care. We also have a great selection of stick vacuums, hand vacuums, steam cleaners and carpet cleaners to complement your vacuum. With such a variety of residential floor care products, we can help you find the perfect vacuum to clean all floor types and all areas of the home.

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Upright or Canister?

Upright vacuum cleaners are what most people use in the United States, while canister vacuums are actually more popular than upright vacuums in other countries. This is because many homes in the United States have carpeting, and upright vacuums do a great job on cleaning embedded dirt from carpets. They stand upright, but usually have a foot petal that allows the handle to drop down so that the vacuum can be maneuvered around furniture. In addition, many upright vacuums come with a variety of tools and accessories that connect to a hose to help people clean stairs and upholstery and other areas of their homes.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are used in places where hard floors are prominent, but there are other reasons to own a canister vacuum. Canister vacuums are lightweight options and can be stored in smaller spaces. They also tend to have a lower profile nozzle that lets them get under furniture and beds, and can be used with dusting accessories to clean vents, refrigerator registers, curtains and window sills. Canisters offer a bit more mobility than upright vacuums.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Bagged or Bagless?

When selecting a vacuum, you will notice that vacuums are either bagged or bagless. This refers to the way dirt is collected in the vacuum.

In the early days, vacuums collected dirt in a replaceable bag in the interior of the vacuum. Over time, the material used to make the bags went through advancements to handle allergies better and to prevent dirt from escaping. More recently, bagless vacuums were introduced because people did not like having to replace their vacuum bags. It is also very easy to see when the dirt cup on a bagless vacuum is full and ready to be emptied compared to a bagged vacuum. There are bagged vacuums that offer an indicator that shows when it is time to change the bag.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

The best way to determine what type of dirt collection method is right for you is to ask yourself how sensitive you are to dirt in your environment. If you have moderate to severe allergies or asthma, a bagged vacuum is usually a better choice. However, if you are not prone to allergies, the bagless option will be less expensive over time since you do not have to pay for more bags, and there will be less to discard into the environment. It should also be noted that bagless vacuums still have filters that will need replaced and may need replaced more often than filters on bagged vacuums.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Stick Vacuums & Handheld Vacuums

For quick clean-ups, spot cleaning, and unexpected messes, most people turn to stick and hand vacs. These tend to be less powerful than uprights and canisters, have smaller nozzles and are very lightweight. Many of these models are now cordless for extra convenience. People keep these types of vacuums close at hand to clean dry food spills in the kitchen, to tidy up before and after having people over to their homes, to vacuum the stairs in their few spare moments, or to clean non-floor areas if their upright or canister vacuums do not come with a lot of tools and attachments. Stick vacuums don't normally come with as many attachments as their upright counterparts but are very streamline and easy to store.

Stick Vacs
Hand Vacs

Vacuums for Homes with Pets

There are 83.3 million dog owners and 95.6 million cat owners in the U.S. and why not? Pets have shown to reduce stress, help people overcome loneliness, promote exercise and social interaction, and have even shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks. But the downside to pet ownership is the pet hair, pet dander and dirt that the pet can bring in from the outside.

While many vacuum cleaners advertise that they work wonders on pet fur, and some actually incorporate "pet" in their name, it is not unheard of that some vacuums will clean pet messes well but underperform on other common vacuuming needs. Still, finding the right vacuum that will pull dog and cat hair out of the carpet and off of bare floors is essential for homes with pet family members.

When selecting a vacuum that will be used in a home with pets, consider what type of flooring the vacuum will mostly be used on, the type of pet or pets that are in the home, how much you can afford to spend, if you want the vacuum to clean pet hair from upholstery, vents, stairs, curtains or lampshades, if you are more interested in a quick clean-up hair or a deep-down clean, and if a lightweight vacuum is important for you. Once you decide on these factors, making your purchase will be much easier.

Vacuums Perfect for Pet Owners

Cordless Vacuums

For years, cordless vacuum cleaners were considered only for quick clean-ups and spot cleaning. They were not considered for their high performance or superior suction, and a major disadvantage was their runtime. But today, there have been great strides in technology that are granting people the convenience of a cordless vacuum along with stronger suction and longer runtimes. Plus, with advancements in battery technology, it is now taking less time to charge the batteries that power the vacuum.

Some cordless vacuum cleaner owners have also said that they clean more often because it is less troublesome to clean when you don't have to worry about plugging and unplugging. Not having a plug and cord makes the whole process go faster and easier, so they are more willing to vacuum.

Cordless Vacuums

What do you want to clean?

When selectiong a vacuum, the type, or types, of flooring you have in your home should be top of mind, but it may be less obvious to consider what else you can clean by getting the best vacuum for you and your home. Vacuums can clean all sorts of things like vents,draperies and curtains, tables, shelves and window sills, stairs, baseboards, furniture and upholstery. The can even clean car interiors or your lawn clippings (as long as they are safety rated for outdoor use).

Good for Carpet
Good for Ceramic Tile
Good for Sealed Hardwood
Good for Laminate
Good for Vinyl
Good for Linoleum
Good for Marble, Granite or Stone
Good for Stairs
Good for Upholstery & Furniture
Good for Curtains & Draperies
Good for Window Sills, Tables & Shelves
Good for Vents
Good for Cars, Garage & Outdoors

What special considerations do you have?

Are heavy cleaners going to be difficult for you to lift? Do you have children to clean up after? Do you just need something for those unexpected messes? Do you have really challenging stains? All of these are good questions to ask yourself to narrow down your choices.

Cleaners to clean up Kid Messes
Lightweight Cleaners
Cleaners that can go from carpet to bare floors easily
Cleaners that are for Quick & Easy Clean-ups
Cleaners good for Challenging Stains
Cleaners for Small Spaces

Do you need to buy a Hoover® cleaner for someone else?

Do you need to get a vacuum for your brother now that he's on his own, or perhaps for your daughter who may be getting married? We've assembled collections of Hoover® cleaners that will help to narrow your choices, should you need a cleaner as a gift.

For the Bride
For the Grad
For a Friend
For Him
For Her

Do you need to buy a Hoover® cleaner for a special occasion?

It may seem like an odd idea to purchase a vacuum cleaner for Father's Day or an anniversary, but a Survey contducted by Keltron, a leading global research firm, on behalf of Hoover® among 1,007 nationally-representative Americans, age 18 and over, has recently shown that generally, people like receiving a gift of a vacuum. It is estimated that 67 million Americans would have appreciated a vacuum at Christmas, but that only 24 million Americans would consider giving one. So we've put together collections of Hoover® cleaners that can be given, and appreciated, for different occasions.

For an Anniversary
For a Birthday
For Father's Day
For Graduation
For Mother's Day
For a Bridal Shower or Wedding

Hoover® Collections

Do you already know our specific Hoover® Collections and just want to find a vacuum easily? They are all listed right here.

Anniversary WindTunnel Self-Propelled
Dual Power
GUV ProGrade
Max Extract
Platinum Collection
Power Path
Power Scrub
Quiet Performance
WindTunnel 2
WindTunnel 3
WindTunnel MAX
WindTunnel T-Series
Zen Whisper

Are you on a tight budget?

Here are some ways to still score a great Hoover® at a discount!

Reconditioned Cleaners

Vacuum Features & Benefits

Floor Height Adjustment
Enables you to clean many different floor types and carpet pile heights.

Cyclonic Action
Air passes through a cyclonic stage to separate out dirt from the air path resulting in reduced loss of suction.

WindTunnel® Technology
Lifts and removes deep-down embedded dirt as well as surface dirt and debris.

Hose Length
Enables you to clean at a distance from the vacuum cleaner. A longer hose is good for stairs, vents, draperies or curtains and upholstery cleaning.

Nozzle Width
A wider nozzle will allow you to clean floors faster with less passes.

Tools & Attachments
More tools and attachments enable you to clean a variety of surfaces in your home. Many of the common tools and attachments allow you to clean in crooks and crevices, against baseboards, on the surface of upholstery, on stairs, on draperies and curtains, and to dust the surfaces of tables, window sills and shelves.

Enables you to see while vacuuming under furniture and in dark hallways and closets.

Safety Rated
Assurance that the product has been evaluated and is safe to use within the guidelines of the product manual.

Automatic Cord Rewind
Automatically rewinds the power cord with minimal human intervention, thereby reducing physical strain.

Automatic Brushroll Shutoff
Automatically detects a change in the floor type, from carpeting to bare floors for example, and turns off the brushroll to prevent possible scratches on the bare floor surface.

Cord Length
The longer the cord, the larger the area that can be cleaned without interruption to unplug and replug the vacuum cleaner.

Stands for "High Efficiency Particulate Air". To be called HEPA, the HEPA Media must capture a minimum of 99.97% of pollutants at 0.3 microns.

Dirt Cup or Vacuum Bag Capacity
The larger the capacity for holding vacuumed dirt and debris, the less often you need to dispose of the waste.

The lighter weight a vacuum is, the less strain required to carry it from room to room, floor to floor, or up or down the stairs, and the less difficult it will be to push and pull while vacuuming.

Above-Floor Cleaning Reach
The amount of distance above the floor the vacuum will clean. This term is usually in reference to a vacuum's tools and attachments, and specifically in regard to the hose and telescopic extension wand.

To learn more, please also visit Hoover® Terms Glossary. This guide can help you understand many of your Hoover® features.

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Air Cordless Series 3.0 Upright Vacuum

Air Cordless Series 3.0 Upright Vacuum

Model # BH50140

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FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Model # FH40160

  • Spin Scrub Brushes counter-rotate gently to wash & scrub hard floors
  • Dual Tank Technology keeps clean & dirty water separate
  • 1.5 Quart Tank Capacity reduces number of trips to the sink

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TwinTank Steam Mop sale

TwinTank Steam Mop

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