Model # BH90500
1/2 Gallon Fogger

1/2 Gallon Fogger

  • Clean your home by easily spraying your preferred solution on surfaces like kitchen counters, toilets, showers, tubs, stationary bikes, treadmills, yoga mats, and more with the refillable 16oz. tank
  • Enjoy the convenience of battery-powered spray cleaning which gives you up to 145 tanks of your preferred solution on a fully charged battery
  • Easily clean large areas and tough-to-reach spots in your home or business
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1/2 Gallon Fogger

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The HOOVER Cordless Fogger with ONEPWR Rechargeable Battery provides a professional-level clean for homes as well as businesses. Go beyond cleaning just the dirt and grime you can see by applying a mist of your favorite cleaning solution in hard-to-reach places. Perfect for garages, outdoor areas, home gyms and more. Simply hold the fogger trigger to release atomized particles that can travel up to 10-ft. to cracks, crevices and elevated spaces that are difficult to get to with a spray bottle and cloth. Light and nimble, this 1/2-gallon refillable, battery-powered fogger offers peace-of-mind that you've cleaned beyond what you can see.

  • Clean hard-to-reach spaces with atomized particles that travel up to 10 feet
  • Battery-powered and lightweight fogger is portable and easy-to-use for all your outdoor spray cleaning needs
  • Works with Hoover All Purpose Cleaner
  • Motor Warranty 0 Days Unit Height 7 Unit Length 13.1 Unit Weight 4.1 Unit Width 4.3
ONEPWR Refillable Cordless Sprayer
Convenient Battery Powered Spray
Up To 145 Tanks on a Full Charge
Easily Clean Large Areas and Tough to Reach Spots