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Hoover Floormate Deluxe Press Release

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Banish the Bucket from Spring Cleaning with Hoover’s FloorMate® Deluxe

The evolution of hard floor cleaning begins on hands and knees with a coarse brush and a bucket. Time passes. Hard floor cleaning moves to stooping over a mop and bucket. More time passes.
Finally, the evolution of hard floor cleaning becomes a revolution, banishing the bucket and allowing the world to finally stand up straight with Hoover’s FloorMate® Deluxe.
Built on SpinScrub® Technology, the FloorMate® Deluxe is the final word in the care of sealed hard floors. It offers the deep down clean of the scrub brush as four counter-rotating brushes power away grime.  
Not only doing the scrubbing for you, the unique brushes are also interchangeable. Swap the grout and tile brush for the hardwood brush to give sealed hardwood floors a deep natural shine.
Dual tank technology ensures only clean water and solution are applied to the floor with the light squeeze of a button. Dirty water is lifted away with powerful suction into a separate container, drying the floor while cleaning. Pushing dirty water around the kitchen floor is now completely obsolete.
At only 14 pounds it’s easy to stay upright using the FloorMate®. It can be carried effortlessly to any floor or room in the house that has sealed hardwood, tile, linoleum or vinyl flooring. More than that, it’s easy to maneuver around heavy furniture.
Hoover’s FloorMate® Deluxe is completely unique in the floor care industry. There is absolutely nothing else like it on the market. It is consistently on of the best reviewed cleaners on Hoover.com, particularly from those with pets and children:
“I have hardwood floors in my kitchen and three kids.  I have tried many ways of cleaning the floors, but they never seem completely clean… So after I used this Hoover cleaner I wet a paper towel and rubbed it all around on the floor to see if there would be any leftover dirt that I would see.  Paper towel was CLEAN!!!! --  Best. Product. Ever.” – Amy40, New Jersey from her 5-star review on Hoover.com.
Evolution can be a slow grueling process, but with Hoover’s hard floor revolution, cleaning your floors no longer has to be. FloorMate® is the perfect spring cleaning companion, making the difficult task of refreshing hard floors as simple as standing up straight and walking.