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Hoover Dual Power Carpet Cleaner

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dual Brushes, Dual Tanks, Dual Power™ Breaks Barriers of Carpet Care by the Power of Two

Carpet washing has always required an occasion: A time when furniture can be moved, kids and pets corralled and all traffic stopped in the home. But for most families living full and rewarding modern lives, there is little time to stop everything to haul out the heavier carpet washers. A special spring cleaning day is usually required.
Things have changed. Hoover’s sleek, super lightweight and powerful Dual Power™ carpet washer makes spring carpet washing quicker, easier and accessible any day of any season.
The key is Hoover teechnology packed into a clean streamlined package. At less than 13.5 pounds, this is one carpet washer that is ready to go on demand. Its lack of bulk makes it perfect for everyday cleaning, whether tackling small stains or large sections of carpet.
It takes care of those tasks with an effortless one-two punch from the DualSpin® PowerBrushes which lift away deep down dirt from fibers and beautifully groom the carpet as they clean. With the 11.75-inch Wide Path Nozzle, the clean happens quickly as it effortlessly removes the dirt from the carpet.
Adding to the ease of use is Hoover’s Dual Tank technology, featuring large, easy to fill and empty tanks. Get to the mess faster, get cleaning and get it put away sooner.
Hoover’s Dual Power™ carpet washer truly crashes through the barriers that stand in the way of a wonderfully refreshed carpet. It helps create a home that exists in a state of perpetual spring clean freshness, no matter what the season.