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Hoover Air Steerable Press Release

Thursday, March 13, 2014
3/13/2014               Hoover Air Steerable Press Release

Hoover Air™ Steerable: Moving Innovation
How do you make a vacuum flow? How do you make it feel effortless? How do you create a cleaner that is both powerful and graceful for a perfect performance?
First, you go to a skate shop.
That’s where the fluid movement of Hoover’s Air™ Steerable was inspired. Product Development Engineer Greg Henderson, on vacation with his family, became enthralled by the movement of skateboards enabled by their trucks. He returned to Hoover HQ in Glenwillow Ohio with a special souvenir, an idea for a prototype.
 “We actually put real skateboard wheels on the unit,” Henderson said.
In the end, the idea became a reality and Henderson’s work hours became just a few of the 10,000 design and engineer hours to make the perfect cleaner. Today, the steerable is the most maneuverable cleaner in Hoover’s Air™ range of products which have sold more than 1.6 million worldwide. The reason? The perfect blend of grace and power.
Grace: At only 14 pounds in use, Air™ Steerable is easy to grab and go, easily carried to any room or floor in the home.
Power: Multi-cyclonic technology means powerful filtration with absolutely no loss of suction*.
Grace: An ultra-low nozzle profile and the ability to move from carpet to hard floor without stopping means that there are fewer inaccessible hiding places for dirt.
Power: Exclusive Windtunnel® Technology offers three channels of suction to get deep down embedded dirt to the dirt cup.
“It’s a great thing when you see something that you’ve thought about that actually became a product,” explained Greg Henderson. “I see this cleaner today and I’m very proud of it. Not only of how cool it looks but how well it performs.”
The Air™ Steerable is just one of Hoover’s Air™ range of products which include the Air™ Pro Bagless Upright, the Air™ Canister and the revolutionary new Air™ Cordless, Hoover’s first full-size cordless upright powered by the LithiumLife™ battery system.
There is an Air™ vacuum for any application: A Pro for big messes and a cordless for perfect freedom. But there’s only one Air™ with the soul of skateboarder.

*Per IEC 60312-1 Clause 5.9.