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LithiumLife™ Battery Charger

LithiumLife™ Battery Charger

Model # 440005967

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Simply swap, charge and go—interchangeable battery convenience makes it easy to keep your LithiumLife™ battery-powered products running. This LithiumLife™ Charger will help you power up your LithiumLife™ Batteries for the Freedom of Cordless Cleaning. This unit can be used with Air™ Cordless, FloorMate™ Cordless, Air™ Cordless 2-in-1 Stick & Hand Vacuum and the Air™ Cordless Lift. This charger is a part of the interchangeable battery system that is at the heart of all of Hoover®'s Cordless Cleaning products.

The LithiumLife™ Battery Charger is compatible with the extended runtime LithiumLife™ battery that comes with our Air™ Cordless Cleaning Products, or that you may already own.

Please note that this charger does not come with a battery. Click here to buy an Extended Run LithiumLife™ Battery.