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SteamVac Recovery (Dirty Water) Tank Lid

SteamVac Recovery (Dirty Water) Tank Lid

Model # 42272111

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Price: $42.62


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Replacement tank lid for recovery (dirt water) tank. Fits F5805, F5806, F5807, F5807-060, F5809, F5815, F5817, F5821, F5822, F5825, F5826-900, F5827, F5831-900, F5831-990, F5833-900, F5837-950, F5843-900, F5851, F5853-900, F5855, F5857-001, F5857-011, F5857-900, F5857-906, F5857-909, F5857-916, F5857-918, F5857-975, F5857-990, F5858-900, F5858-910, F5858-920, F5858-950, F5859, F5860-900, F5860-950, F5860-990, F5861-900, F5861-990, F5863-900, F5863-990, F5869-900, F5877-900, F5879-900, F5880-900, F5886-900, F5888-900, F5900-900, F5910-900, F5912-900, F6968-916. (Note: these model numbers may not be followed by a "-900" suffix on your unit.)