Rewarded for Good Behavior: Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Hoover Rewards

Rewarded for Good Behavior: Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Hoover Rewards

True statement: Not all rewards programs are created equal. You can really lose steam after the initial sign up and the points system can also be a little confusing to really take advantage of the value being offered. While 80% of US adult shoppers belong to some kind of loyalty program, only about 46% really reap all the benefits. To prevent you from feeling anything less than Gold Level VIPs, we have done the research and found that a simple and user-friendly program is best for everyone. If the rules to qualify for rewards are too complicated and redeeming is more of a chore than dusting blinds, then rewards members simply won’t buy into it.

Most programs are spend based, which means shopping products online adds to your account earnings, but there are so many other productive and engaging ways to earn that won’t cost you anything- unless you’ve already been eyeing our new carpet and upholstery spot cleaner then go ahead. We want to reward good behavior and have outlined some helpful best practices to get the most out of your Hoover Rewards program:

Know the Rules

Before you impulsively sign up for another loyalty program, read the rules. If you master the basics of how to earn points, how the points stack up and convert to redeemable rewards then you’re halfway there. Most programs offer a 1:1 ratio of earnings, so every dollar spent equates to 1 point. When you reach a certain threshold of points, it converts to a reward. For example, Hoover Rewards 100 points in your account turns into a $10 reward to use on any Hoover purchase. In simple shop talk, if you buy a SmartWash Pet you just earned yourself 100 points which turns into a $10 reward. Hoover Rewards goes beyond the basic “free to join” spiel and gives new members 100 points at sign up plus 50 points as a just-because bonus on their birthday. How good would it feel to sign up during your birthday month and effortlessly treat yourself to $10? If you don’t already receive texts about the latest sales and promos, subscribing to SMS is a smooth and savvy way to deposit 10 points in your rewards bank.

Level Up

Everyone knows VIPs get the best swag, and the same goes for rewards programs. Reward tiers are designed to motivate shoppers to spend more but the best kept secret is higher level earnings equate to bigger rewards and more powerful perks. Instead of the 1:1 point to dollar earning pace of an entry tier (Bronze), elevated tiers offer 1.5X or sometimes double point rates so you can convert those idle points to usable rewards faster. If hitting those upper rewards levels aren’t in the cards for you right now, you can always wait for special days and events that offer members double points on certain purchases. Just make sure to subscribe to email or SMS alerts so you can get the helpful heads up with a perfectly timed reminder. Leveling up in life also includes the responsibility of registering your product. Making your Hoover purchase official and trackable activates your warranty and you guessed it, earns you points.

Share the Love

In the Hoover family, we believe that floorcare is a form of self-care. Sharing the love in your home environment should be second nature for you too, and being a member of this rewards program makes it easy and enjoyable to pay it forward. Referring a friend to the program is one way- if they make a minimum $100 purchase that qualifies them to a $25 coupon code to use. Once they shop the link they also unlock your payback- another $25 reward that you can use for yourself. Referrals are an endless kind of love so feel free to invite as many as you think may be interested in shopping with a free $25 coupon. If you are already a Hoover fan and enrolled in the rewards program, come clean with some honest feedback. By writing a review, you can share your cleaning story with the world and earn 10 points for yourself in the process. Simply go to the product page that you want to review, click on the write a review link next to the product star rating and submit. Being social is also considered good behavior, so the next time you’re scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok or Twitter following or liking us is an easy way to earn you 5 points each. Staying engaged is one of the best ways to get customized content right back in your feed.

Use It or Lose It

Points don’t live forever and in fact, they do expire after the first of the year. With Hoover Rewards we make the extra effort in sending email and text reminders about your points balance and redemptions that are waiting for you. To truly get the most out of your rewards program, don’t let those rewards collect dust, redeem them on those everyday essentials or a much needed vacuum upgrade. No excuses.