Prep in Your Step:

Guide to Spot Cleaning and Being Prepared for Anything.

No official scout knowledge here, but we have seen and cleaned some stuff well enough to share some useful tips about always being prepared. There’s no greater feeling when traveling or simply being out of your element somewhere when you find an extra outfit or are able to put your hands on a backup charger in your hour of need. By leaning into being prepared for anything you are setting yourself up for success in the everyday. If an extra snack or spare tire is the default way of surviving in the wild, be bold and take it a step further by thriving on the rewarding mindset of being proactive and prepped for whatever. Life happens on every surface so your knee jerk reaction should include some planning and backup supplies for whenever a stain does happen, a vacuum bag fills up, or you’re fresh out of cleaning solution.


Let’s scout out some common problem areas in your home and prep your pantry by stocking up on all the spot cleaning and bagged vacuum essentials that can come to the rescue right when you need them:

Squirrel Away Solution

Your mind as a parent is already thinking a step ahead. You proactively carry around backup pants, an extra binky, or an alternative toy in case the one you packed isn’t a hit. The same goes for stocking up on solution refills. The SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner or PowerDash Go portable spot cleaner in your utility room is practically another functioning member of your family when the toddler years hit, and fueling your next carpet cleaning session or grab and go spot cleaning reach naturally requires formula.


Luckily, there are several different kinds of cleaning formulas for all kinds of stains, surfaces or sensitivities so the biggest battle is simply choosing one that fits your household and stocking up a few bottles like a squirrel in winter. Not only do these carpet washers and spot cleaners have the capacity to clean high traffic areas but they are perfect for small spaces that host the most activity, giving the most impactful clean. Don't forget to use the SmartWash pre-treating wand for a proactive pinpoint on tough stains or spray as you go. For the ultimate scout’s prep pick, we recommend this bundle for a versatile and well rounded approach to life’s inevitable messes.

Build Your Vacuum Bag Stockpile

Dirt has its place in the world and it’s definitely not invited to the fabulous get together you have planned out. Guests don’t always respect your no-shoes-past-the-entryway policy and even the best trained pooches bring in unwanted souvenirs from outside time. Time to suit up with a versatile stick vacuum like this one. The only dirt or mud you want to see flinging around is when your team catches some serious ground in the endzone- not a speck more. The powerful brushroll, lightweight body and accessory options allow you to venture into dirt’s usual hiding spots and quickly eliminate evidence before guests arrive. If you do encounter a shoe offender at the party who’s tracking in the outside world, reaching for this sleek and discreet tool between plays won’t appear out of the ordinary. Best thing about a quick clean is a smooth pass off. Because this stick vacuum is cordless, it’s designed to be easy to swap and switch with the same ONEPWR battery packs that you needed to power your handheld dusting session.

Be Extra Ready with Backup Batteries

I have a confession: I am in love with my cordless products. The attraction is simple— I make a mess and they come to my rescue, no strings (or in this case, no cord) attached. Just like any convenience item, they do require an energy source to recharge for their next spaghetti night swoop in. It’s one thing to have extra things, but having things lined up and ready to go to work takes it to another level of preparedness. The entire ONEPWR family of products run on lithium ion batteries and if you get this cordless spot cleaner kit they also come with an extra battery which is a real lifesaver. Pro tip: always keep your spare battery charging in the charging station so the big battery swap is a seamless prep move that the puppy accident stain never saw coming. Take your prep up a step and treat yourself to this charging station that fuels double the batteries to further increase your honor as a squeaky clean scout.

Stocked Up and Prepared for Anything

If you’re looking for the ultimate spot cleaning scout leader: the CleanSlate Bundle. It includes a full gamot of gear with a quick spot cleaner, premix formula that removes stains from carpeting and the worry out of the daily chaos plus all the scrub brush tools for all types of stains. Solution? Check. Bags? Check. Batteries? Check. Subscribe and save? Check, Check. Now that you’ve stocked up, you are technically ready to take on some deeper cuts like spring cleaning. Check back here for a fresh list of our product picks so you can truly get into a genuine, in-the-grooves deep clean for your whole home.


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