Matchmaker: Finding the Right Carpet Cleaner and Formula Dream Team for You

Matchmaker: Finding the Right Carpet Cleaner and Formula Dream Team for You

Foundation and skin tone. Car parts and car make/model. Wine and cheese boards. We spend a good portion of our time and energy finding the right fit. Whether our car needs corresponding parts to function properly, or you're face-to-face with some challenging undertones that need a makeup professional, sometimes some insight that goes beyond our own judgement is the perfect problem solver. For many homeowners, carpet cleaning is yet another area that may be mystifying and require some mindful matchmaking. While we don’t have a quirky quiz waiting for you, we have listed some helpful lifestyle snapshots featuring strategic product pairings that may resonate with your custom style of cleaning. Feel free to channel your inner matchmaker moxie and check out some of our most satisfying carpet cleaner and formula catches.

On the picky side

You consider yourself a relatively tidy person, but sometimes your cleaning routine is anything but routine. The thought of prepping and pairing the right products together to tackle all your unique flooring seems like a nightmare, not a dream date. To satisfy your daily or deep cleaning needs, the ONEPWR Multisurface Bundle maybe your perfect match. The bundle boasts a cordless upright vacuum cleaner, handheld sprayer, and 2 bottles of a multipurpose solution to reset and disinfect floors and more. Even if you don’t think you need a deep clean, high traffic areas could always use a little more attention. For instance, doorknobs, kitchen countertops and bathroom fixtures. When cleaning feels as effortless as turning on the power button, I’m sure you’ll find some common ground with this versatile dream team.

No time to look

Your house is full of pets, kids and rotating guests. Your floors and surfaces see a lot of traffic. You tend to pull out your portable carpet cleaner for on-the-spot stains, but could use a deep clean once a week. You need high-powered support system and one less thing to remember. A premixed floor-cleaning formula for your carpet washer would truly be an act of self-care. The PowerDash Pet carpet cleaner and the Paws & Claws cleaning formula are practically soulmates and if your household story reads like a hotel lobby, this bundle was meant for you. The bundle also includes a high-performing vacuum cleaner the Windtunnel 2, and a generous 64oz container or the Paws & Claws cleaning formula. It’s good to note that buying into a bundle means you save some frustration, money and the inevitable guesswork in matching up the machine to the right cleaning formula.

One is a lonely number

You consider studio apartment living as your daily dose of me-time. Because it’s just you, and maybe your pet, you are the sole judge on how clean or grimy your space gets (and gets clean again). Pro tip: Smaller spaces need regular wiping down due to constant use, and cruising through last night’s plant powered puke is probably not the barefooted welcome you imagined when you adopted your fur baby (or your defenseless fiddle leaf fig). Investing in a bundle like the PowerDash Pet Hard Floor Bundle is basically an investment in you. This bundle comes with the PowerDash Pet hard floor cleaner and this Multi-Surface Pet Solution. You could also pair it with the Renewal Multi-Surface Cleaning Formula which is compatible with all floor surfaces as well.

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