The ONEPWR network of cordless cleaning products is the most advanced in the world and makes your cleaning routine easier than
ever. Simply swap the battery between over 20 cordless cleaning products to make any job a breeze.

Convenient, Powerful Cleaning

With advanced, lithium-ion battery technology, enjoy consistent, fade-free power with every ONEPWR battery. With the power you’d expect from a corded cleaning product, any product in the ONEPWR cordless cleaning network can revolutionize the way you clean and how you think about your cleaning routine. Without the
hassle of a cord, almost any cleaning task becomes more simple, convenient and enjoyable.

Meet the Most Advanced Cordless Cleaning System in the World

As the most advanced cordless cleaning network in the world, the Hoover ONEPWR Network includes over 20 cordless cleaning products. Since the same battery can be used with every single product in the network, swapping them in to, out of and between products makes getting the power, runtime and convenience you need easier than ever.


With new products coming out to consistently expand the network, there has never been a better time to get in.

Clean Everything With ONEPWR

One of the biggest perks of being in the ONEPWR network is that every ONEPW battery is compatible with every ONEPWR cordless cleaning product. Simply swap batteries between products for endless cleaning combinations or swap freshly charged batteries with their depleted counterparts for virtually limitless runtime.


So, go from cleaning your hard floors to vacuuming, carpet cleaning, spot cleaning, scrubbing and more, all in the ONEPWR network.

Save When You’re Already in the Network

Along with all of the other perks that come with being in the ONEPWR network, now you can save big when you buy additional products without the battery. Since you can swap the same battery between every product in the ONEPWR lineup, once you have one, the rest of the network is unlocked to you!


So, to save on expanding your cleaning arsenal, just look for the “save when you buy without the battery” badge on select ONEPWR products.

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