Fresh Perspectives: Embracing Cordless Stick Vacuum Solutions for Every Room

Fresh Perspectives

Embracing Cordless Stick Vacuum Solutions for Every Room

It’s official: You have successfully survived the holiday rush and are now delighted to find homes for all the new gifted gadgets, toys, and extras. The new juicer you got has inspired you to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Your intentions have mindfully shifted towards creating new things, spending more time on yourself and fostering an environment that actually fuels you. Before you get your hands on that accent wall DIY project, put your hands on the essential. With new chi demands a new type of cleaning routine that’s both convenient and effective. For a well-rounded, well-intentioned cleaning experience, cordless is key. A Hoover cordless stick vacuum that has powerful suction, HEPA filtration, and easy-to-use attachments makes cleaning less of a chore and more of a form of self-care. Time to take a fresh look at what spaces need a clean state of mind with our Fresh Perspective on a whole home glow up or get the details on the tech savvy tools that will happily lend a hand to get the job done right here:

Living Room Renewal

So the holiday bomb went off with a big bang and you’re left with the aftermath. Glitter, tinsel, and tree needles have been wearing out their welcome on your floors and surfaces for weeks and you’re ready for a change. Time to turn over a new cushion in your living room. If your last downward facing dog pose found dust bunnies getting cozy under your couch, let a cordless stick vacuum like the Blade+ flex under the furniture so you don’t have to.

The powerful suction can eliminate any snack leftovers, forgotten spills, or stubborn pet hair from stairs and upholstery which means more mess captured with less passes. Crevice tools and brush accessories were destined for tight spaces like under couch cushions and behind the tv stand so put your best tool forward for best results. This common area is meant for quality living, not long term neglect, so let the full clean team of living room products like these come to the rescue so you can lounge or simply get back to some good clean, fun.

Bedroom Recharge

Between the holidays, hosting and hopefully some well deserved downtime, dusting and vacuuming has also been left on the back burner like a stove top potpourri. Sleep is essential; so is a clean space. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping or attempting to do so, so if you’re rethinking your space’s potential, it makes sense to start with where you recharge. You wash your sheets every week— your floor, surfaces, and blinds deserve the same attention to detail. Give your plush bedroom carpet or nursery area rug a curtain to carpet clean with these bedroom products. The versatility alone of the carpet washer, stick vacuum and bagged upright will give you peace of mind next time your bedroom needs a deep clean. Effortlessly capture embedded dirt and dander with pet-centric products, and pick up dust on dressers, window sills, and even your mattress. Hoover is here to ensure that a good night’s sleep starts with a dream team of hard-working cleaning products.

Garage Rehab

The garage wears many hats in our home and deserves a fresh start too. It can be a forgotten storage shed, a museum for random tools, a safe haven for our cars, or even a makeshift workshop for our creative side. Sure, you can close the door or push boxes back against the wall, but dirt, wood shavings and whatever else that may call this industrious space home doesn’t discriminate. Ignored dust is essentially still dust. If you are making a move to a new place or simply want to clear some space for home projects, you’re going to need these ONEPWR products for your garage.

Expertly capture dust, shavings, outside debris or anything undesirable with Dust Vault technology and enjoy up to 45 minutes of powerful suction. This kit comes with a battery and a charger, so if you feel so inclined to power up another ONEPWR tool, they share the same battery source. With the freedom and power of a cordless unit, these garage kits will easily earn well-deserved display rights on your garage peg board.

Kitchen Reveal

The kitchen is commonly known as the heart of the home but let’s be honest- it certainly hosts a lot of hands-on activity. We fuel, we feast and even fumble with open containers when returning them to the fridge. It’s only human to leave behind evidence of a wholesome meal, but who says we have to live in the leftovers? Time to show this food hub a cleaner side of life. These kitchen cleaning products are lightweight and perfect for those sudden spills or debris that somehow make their way under the table or in between the appliances. The Steam Complete and Blade+ can quickly steer around cabinets and clear crumbs, tracked in dirt and even the occasional missing lego off the hard floors in your kitchen. Meal prep is basically a mess generator so as much as you love those grain bowl masterpieces, you’ll love a clean kitchen floor even more. Spray down and reset sticky surfaces with the handheld sprayer for an instant stovetop or counter top facial. Leave the leftovers in the fridge, not your floors. Your bare feet will thank you.