Your car may be dirtier than you think, but cleaning it is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Simply vacuum, pretreat, and wash to restore your vehicle to its former glory!


Even if your car appears clean at a glance, it may be surprising how full a dirt cup can get after a thorough vacuuming. Mats, cracks
and crevices in and around the seats, and even in compartments in the dashboard and car doors can yield a surprising amount of debris.

Agitating the surface you’re vacuuming can also be an effective way to get ground-in dirt and debris loose enough to vacuum. Remember, even if you think you’ve gotten all of it, there is probably more to vacuum after a quick shake-out or brushing.


Everyone has those classic “mystery spots” on their car’s seats or other cloth surfaces. Whether originating from sweat, a spilled coffee, a pet, or any number of other sources, spots like these can seem near-impossible to get out.

Luckily, even if you’ve previously tried a spot cleaner like CleanSlate from Hoover, there are additions to the clean that can power
it up. No matter the mess, there is a pretreat spray that can help. By spraying and waiting before taking a cleaner to the spot, the chances of extracting it go up significantly.


After waiting for the pretreat spray to do its work, it’s time to get to washing. Remove the mats and set them on a flat surface before using a spot cleaner to begin washing out the grime and mess that has accumulated over the years.

ONEPWR CleanSlate is a great choice for this since it can be tough to find an outlet close enough in a garage or car wash facility. Then, while the mats dry or before a second round of washing, it’s time to tackle the seats. CleanSlate comes with all the tools to make the job a breeze, and if there are any remaining spots or messes,
simply repeat the process and enjoy the satisfaction of watching potentially years-worth of dirt and grime disappear in only a few strokes.

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