ONEPWR Streamline makes pet parenting a breeze. From
messy eating habits to potty training pickup and more, ONEPWR Streamline is always ready to get the job done – all in one!

Wet & Dry Pickup

There’s truly no limit to the types and sizes of messes our furry best friends can make. From scattered kibble and crumbs to sprawling tracks of muddy paw prints, the constant cleaning can be tough to keep up with.

With ONEPWR Streamline, all of the messes pet parents struggle with on a regular basis can be cleaned quickly and easily, and sometimes, all at once. Suck up wet AND dry messes in the same stroke, making even the grosses cleans a snap.

Potty Training Precautions

Potty training any new pet is one of the most dreaded barriers of entry to becoming a pet parent. While at least they didn’t happen on your favorite rug, cleaning puddles and piles off of hard floors isn’t fun all the same.


Luckily, ONEPWR Streamline makes it easy to pickup those puddles quickly and easily with very little contact. Simply give the problem area a few passes and watch the mess disappear!

Always Ready For Quick Pickups

Since ONEPWR Streamline comes with a self-cleaning and
charging base, along with included replacement brush roll and filter, it is always ready for the unexpected messes pet parents are unfortunately so familiar with.


Each time after use, simply dock ONEPWR Streamline, use the convenient foot pedal to initiate the self-cleaning cycle, and empty the easily-cleanable dirty-water tank to ensure you’re ready for next time.

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