Messy eaters and clumsy kids cause their fair share of drops, spills and splatters. But with ONEPWR Streamline on your side, even the gnarliest spills like pasta, cereal and more can be cleaned up in only a few passes, leaving floors clean and shiny.

Simple Spaghetti Suction

Cleaning up saucy spills can be tedious, but with ONEPWR Streamline, enjoy a spotless surface in just a few passes. Even a full bowl knocked off of a highchair with sauce, pasta and anything else in your world-famous recipe can be picked up in seconds.

Get your shining surface back and get back to mealtime quickly and conveniently with ONEPWR Streamline’s charging base and simple self-cleaning functionality.

Clean right up to the edge

Baby food and other purees can be especially splatter-prone if dropped. Suck up the splatter and wash the floor simultaneously to avoid sticky surfaces with ONEPWR Streamline. Since it cleans all the way up to the wall unlike other leading hard floor cleaners, you can rest assured sticky shoes and stained socks won't be an issue. Then, when the mess is taken care of, simply swap the brush roll and filter with the included spares to prepare for the next big spill or splash.

Easy Cereal Pickup – Wet OR Dry

From single loops to entire spilled bowls, cereal spills can be cleaned up in a breeze with ONEPWR streamline. Soak up the milk and suck up the cereal all at the same time, then easily empty it all from the same tank. Since ONEPWR Streamline sweeps and mops at the same time, you can get another bowl poured and get back to mealtime, all faster than ever.

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