Adopt and Shop: A Complete Vacuum Buyer's Guide for the New Pet in Your Life

So you did a thing. You adopted a new pet. Kudos to adopting, because October is National Adopt a Pet Month. You have done your part in saving not only the adorable life of your new dog or cat, but have made room for the millions of other lost or abandoned shelter pets. Next thing on your agenda is preparing a place for this waggy tailed member of the family. Bed, bowl and food are just the bare basics for caring for your new furbaby. You’re going to need tools designed for pets and at the ready for those happy accidents or a not-so-cute discovery of a chewed up yoga mat. Puppies and kittens have that cuteness going for them but they still come with a specific set of challenges. We want you to fall in love with that puppy breath and baby meows but also don’t feel like you have to live with the messes they playfully leave behind. There’s a vacuum for that.


Do yourself a favor and check out the ultimate new pet buy guide that will be your first proactive step towards pet parenthood:

Happy Accidents

So messes are inevitable with pets. They get excited when you come home- relieving themselves of all their pent up pee and excitement while you were running a 30 min errand. Meal time is a supersonic highlight of their day and when that kibble starts flowing, it can be a clumsy affair for your floors. Also, while we hope that litter box and catch mat will contain all that litter, somehow granules find themselves far from home base, infinitely annoying the bottoms of your feet. When a mess explodes, dragging out a heavy unit isn’t your first impulse, but this cordless vacuum should be the first thing you put your hands on. It’s cordless and powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. It contains dirt and litter dust in a bag. Plus it’s lightweight but 4X as powerful as a bagless vacuum. What’s not to love? Well, maybe that doormat pee stain from earlier. While the ONEPWR Cordless HEPA upright is a fur-fighting fit for dry messes on multiple floor types, that wet urine stain calls for a cordless carpet cleaner like this one.

Furever Cleaning

Be prepared as a new pet parent for some serious fur. Some breeds are heavy shedders while others simply leave their mark after a good couch cuddle. The sheer volume of pet hair now calling your carpets, upholstery and stairs home requires a vacuum upgrade. Bring on the brush rolls. This vacuum is a high performing powerhouse ready for pet hair, dirt, and dander that is both easy to navigate and steer so you don’t miss a spot. Expertly capture and control pet hair, odor and debris that may follow them inside after their morning walk. The superior level of filtration and specialized pet tools are what makes this vacuum a pet parent’s new best friend (besides the one you just adopted of course).

Playful and Powerful

Pets are built for play. With high energy and intelligence, requires a bit of your undivided attention. When you are not home or work from home and can’t realistically give them all your waking hours to play fetch or lend a warm lap, pets can get a bit anxious or lash out to win back (in their minds) your attention. You give them chew toys, rawhides and teething biscuits but they think the texture of your yoga mat really hits the spot. Bring on the tools. This pet vacuum is designed to suck up dirt, stubborn yoga mat confetti, or even crumbs from a baked good mindlessly left out on the counter. These kinds of messes never just heel to where they happen, unlike Sparky, but may venture under furniture, up the stairs or in between couch cushions so it’s best to have an accessory kit like the Pet Max Complete included at the ready.

Remember, pet parenting is a full time job, but cleaning up the aftermath from normal pet lifestyle choices, shouldn’t be. So after you stop patting your back for doing a noble thing like adopting a dog or cat, start shopping for those human essentials that make your home more welcoming for the both of you. We would love to hear your pet adoption success stories so feel free to share with the rest of the Hoover crew on any of our social channels Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or Twitter.