4 Ways To Fall-ify Your Home


There is a lot of goodness that comes from the changing of the seasons: beautiful colored leaves, cool temperatures, cozy sweaters. Change can be a very welcome thing, especially when many of us have been in our homes more often than usual. So during this time of seasonal traditions, we wanted to share a few ways to take inspiration from the seasonal change outside and bring it inside the home. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring fall into and around the home!


Autumn Wreaths (And Other Harvest-Inspired Porch Decor) 

What better place to start with fall decorations for your home than the entrance to it? Not only can it be so refreshing to retire the usual door decoration and doormat for something different, but it also gives so much opportunity to be creative with do-it-yourself projects! Autumn Door Wreaths are easier to mak-e than you’d think, and whether for their warm colors or fun designs they are great additions to your home. There are plenty of other ways to spice up your porch as well, but here are just a few ideas to get you started:  

·       Playing with different textures and natural accents - like burlap and florals for a wreath (which is always a great combination). It's also a great way to look at what you may already have around the home - wooden crates or pallets, ribbon, lights, even old flannels - and re-purposing it. Here's a DIY we're dying to try! 

·       Add bright warm colors, such as what you see in the trees during this time of year: adding decor pieces of rich reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows not only give homage to the season, but also make a space extra cozy. Dark, forest greens and warmer grays are great compliments to these colors as well if you’re looking for ways to balance your fall color palette.

·       And, of course, pumpkins! Whether they're real or fake, made of paper or maybe even knitted, adding some pumpkins instantly transforms your outdoor space from typical to autumnal.


These pieces of inspiration are just limited to homes with big front porches, either. Many of these ideas can be translated to balconies, front or back stoops, and even paced on windowsill or shelves inside your home.  


Creating Cozy Spaces 

What inspires us when decorating inside the home is what makes the space extra cozy. Bonus points if the pieces you use are also functional! What's the point of having a big, over-sized knit throw blanket if you can't snuggle up in it?

·       Swapping out everyday pillows and blankets for those in warmer colors is a super easy way to cozy up any space. And don't be afraid to get creative with it! With pillows, there are so many with fun prints on them, but also look at pillows that are woven or have more dimension to them. Likewise, a throw or blanket doesn't have to be tossed just over a couch; consider folding it into a big basket, or put it under an end table for an unexpected pop of warmth.

·       Homemade garlands of wooden beads, wool pieces, pendants, or even yarn is a simple way to add some color to a room. It can also be fun to think outside the box: instead of placing little pumpkins around a room (which we definitely recommend - they're just so cute!), consider this do-it-yourself idea of a yarn-pumpkin garland for a unique spin. 

·       Don't forget the hidden power of lighting! Hiding strings of fairy lights in garland, or changing light bulbs to those with a warmer hue can transform a space just as effectively as these other inspirations.  



Fall Foliage 

Who said you couldn't bring the outside indoors? Well, maybe not the real outside - we'll pass on tracking dirt and crumpled leaves on our floors - but decor inspired by the great outdoors!  

·       Placing garlands or arrangements with pine cones, leaves, acorns and/or eucalyptus over a fireplace mantle, kitchen island, dinner table, or even the headboard of a bed really makes a space feel harvest-ready.

·       Fall-loving plants, such as Black-eyed Susans, chrysanthemums, and crotons put in vases, jars, or watering cans will easily elevate your home decor. Compliment any arrangement with things like dried oranges or purple fountain grass to really make them autumnal!

·       Of course, we can't forget about pumpkins inside the home as well! Big or little, they're just another easy way to decorate a room.


It Just Makes Scents 

You can't deny it: it really isn't fall until pumpkin spiced everything starts to show back up. You may think that the fall spices come back way too soon, or that they never even left, but for us they can’t come back soon enough. Even if you've never had a taste of the infamous pumpkin spiced latte, there's something really fall-tastic about that spiced aroma. Plus, while a visually-appealing fall aesthetic in your home is a great way to celebrate the changing seasons, having fall-inspired scents around the home really can be a delight.

·       Is it even fall without candles? We don't think so. There's just something so snug about a lit candle in a space. Some of our favorite scents we would recommend are anything with some pumpkin (of course), cinnamon, and apple.

·       The cool weather also inspires weather-appropriate potpourri. While you can definitely continue to use dry ingredients, a slow cooker potpourri can fill your entire home with warm, pleasant scents. Be sure to check out our slow cooker potpourri that doubles as a simple way to make apple cider coming later this month!

·       Double down on your fall scents with the opportunity to treat yourself to a warm beverage - many teas, cocoas, and coffees are not only great ways to warm bellies, but also a portable way to have fall scents with you wherever you are (even if it’s just a different room in your house!). Plus, it's the perfect excuse to break out all your cut fall cups and mugs!