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Savvy Bagged/Bagless Upright

Model # U8161900

It's Not Just Clean - It's Hoover Clean!

Price: $249.99

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WindTunnel Technology and dual agitators work together to create the SurePass Cleaning System that gets deep-down dirt from within your carpets. Bagged or Bagless design provides highly-efficient HEPA Filtration to trap 100% of common allergens. Custom Control Switch at your fingertips allows you to move from carpet to bare floors with ease. Includes Pet Hair Cleaning Tool for carpeted stairs and upholstery. Low Profile Hood allows for easy clean under furniture. No belts to buy or replace.
  Model # Category Description Price Quantity
Turbine Hand Tool - Self-Propelled Uprights 49129044 AGITATOR BRUSHES AND BRISTLES Turbine Hand Tool - Self-Propelled Uprights $15.35
Light Bulb 27313107 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Light Bulb $4.19
Wbd Uh70010, Uh70015 Handle Screw 21447236 FASTENERS Wbd Uh70010, Uh70015 Handle Screw $1.18
Screw-Self Tapping 21447242 FASTENERS Screw-Self Tapping $1.18
Screw-Self Tapping-C 214472ED FASTENERS Screw-Self Tapping-C $0.61
Lock Ring 160017-- FASTENERS Lock Ring $0.61
Screw 21447072 FASTENERS Screw $0.60
Type Y Carbon HEPA Bag - 2 pack AH10165 FILTER BAGS Type Y Carbon HEPA Bag - 2 pack $9.99
Type Y HEPA Bag - 2 pack AH10040 FILTER BAGS Type Y HEPA Bag - 2 pack $8.99

Out of Stock

Long-Life HEPA Cartridge Filter 40140201 FILTERS Long-Life HEPA Cartridge Filter $24.99
Wbd Final Filter Door-Aan 38769017 FILTERS Wbd Final Filter Door-Aan $3.00
Foam Final Filter - WindTunnel V2, Dual V,  Savvy 93002017 FILTERS Foam Final Filter - WindTunnel V2, Dual V, Savvy $1.56
Hose Assy Complete-8Ft Stretch 440007333 HOSES Hose Assy Complete-8Ft Stretch $17.33

Out of Stock

Wbd Hose Assem Comp-Ag/Agr 43431227 HOSES Wbd Hose Assem Comp-Ag/Agr $16.53
Wbd Bag Container-Afx 37256005 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Bag Container-Afx $30.94
Hoover WindTunnel Extra Long Extension Hose 43434042 PLASTIC PARTS Hoover WindTunnel Extra Long Extension Hose $29.99

Out of Stock

Wbd Dirt Cup 38775094 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Dirt Cup $23.80
Wbd Upper Handle Service 39466094 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Upper Handle Service $7.27
16.5 38634078 PLASTIC PARTS 16.5" Extension Wand $7.13

Out of Stock

Upholstery Nozzle 38614044 PLASTIC PARTS Upholstery Nozzle $5.94
16 38617031 PLASTIC PARTS 16" Crevice Tool - 2-in-1, Tan $5.94
Wbd Tool Door-Cp 37257281 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Tool Door-Cp $4.76
Dirt Cup Lid  For Savvy and Anniversay uprights 37249095 PLASTIC PARTS Dirt Cup Lid For Savvy and Anniversay uprights $4.63
Wbd Hose Hlder Upper-Agr 36433196 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Hose Hlder Upper-Agr $3.56
2-7/8 43414197 PLASTIC PARTS 2-7/8" Black Dusting Brush $2.81
Wbd Bottom Plate-Abe 37245102 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Bottom Plate-Abe $2.72
Wbd Bag Container Lid 37249097 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Bag Container Lid $2.50
Wbd Handle Grip-Aea 39454079 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Handle Grip-Aea $2.37
Litter Picker - Ag 39511018 PLASTIC PARTS Litter Picker - Ag $2.37
Wbd Handle Release Lever-Ag 38434026 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Handle Release Lever-Ag $2.37
Wbd Wand Holder-Lower-Agr 36433194 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Wand Holder-Lower-Agr $1.77
Wbd Knob-Ag 38421110 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Knob-Ag $1.77
Wbd Wand Holder-Upper-Agr 36433197 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Wand Holder-Upper-Agr $1.53
Cord Wrap-Ags 39442048 POWER CORDS Cord Wrap-Ags $0.89
Torsion Spring 38355010 SPRINGS Torsion Spring $1.18
Nla Screw-Self Tapping-5/8 214793DA FASTENERS Nla Screw-Self Tapping-5/8",11,17

Out of Stock

 WindTunnel 20' Deluxe Stretch Hose 40200024 HOSES WindTunnel 20' Deluxe Stretch Hose

Out of Stock

Nla Prefilter Assembly Ag 36426069 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Prefilter Assembly Ag
Nla Knob Cart Filt-Ag 38411013 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Knob Cart Filt-Ag

Out of Stock


Warranty 1 Year(s)
Brushroll Shutoff No 
Full Indicator No 
Headlight No 
Self-propelled No 
Cord Length Savvy Bagged/Bagless Upright Feet
Cordless No 
Bagless No 
Filtration Allergen Filtration 
Hose Type Blow Molded 
Motor Amps Savvy Bagged/Bagless Upright Amps
Motor Volts Savvy Bagged/Bagless Upright Volts
Brushed Edge Cleaning No 
Height Adjustment 3 Level 
Wand No 
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