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Model # U8125960

It's Not Just Clean - It's Hoover Clean!

Price: $249.99

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Bagged design and Filtrete HEPA Filtration trap 100% of dust mites, ragweed and common grass pollens.


  • WindTunnel® Technology and dual agitators work together to create the SurePass Cleaning System that gets deep-down dirt from within your carpets.
  • Custom Control Switch at your fingertips allows you to move from carpet to bare floors with ease.
  • Low Profile Hood allows for easy clean under furniture.
  • Includes Pet Hair Cleaning Tool for carpeted stairs and upholstery.
  • No belts to buy or replace.
  Model # Category Description Price Quantity
Turbine Hand Tool - Self-Propelled Uprights 49129044 AGITATOR BRUSHES AND BRISTLES Turbine Hand Tool - Self-Propelled Uprights $15.35
Light Bulb 27313107 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Light Bulb $4.19
Screw-Self Tapping 21447242 FASTENERS Screw-Self Tapping $1.18
Screw-Self Tapping-C 214472ED FASTENERS Screw-Self Tapping-C $0.61
Lock Ring 160017-- FASTENERS Lock Ring $0.61
Type Y Carbon HEPA Bag - 2 pack AH10165 FILTER BAGS Type Y Carbon HEPA Bag - 2 pack $9.99
Type Y HEPA Bag - 2 pack AH10040 FILTER BAGS Type Y HEPA Bag - 2 pack $8.99

Out of Stock

Long-Life HEPA Cartridge Filter 40140201 FILTERS Long-Life HEPA Cartridge Filter $24.99
Wbd Final Filter Door-Aan 38769017 FILTERS Wbd Final Filter Door-Aan $3.00
Foam Final Filter - WindTunnel V2, Dual V,  Savvy 93002017 FILTERS Foam Final Filter - WindTunnel V2, Dual V, Savvy $1.56
Sra 440007333 Hose Assembly - 8 Ft. Stretch Spwt 304102001 HOSES Sra 440007333 Hose Assembly - 8 Ft. Stretch Spwt $20.82

Out of Stock

Hose Assy Complete-8Ft Stretch 440007333 HOSES Hose Assy Complete-8Ft Stretch $17.33

Out of Stock

Wbd Hose Assem Comp-Ag/Agr 43431227 HOSES Wbd Hose Assem Comp-Ag/Agr $16.53
Wbd Bag Container-Afx 37256005 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Bag Container-Afx $30.94
Wbd Dirt Cup 38775094 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Dirt Cup $23.80
Wbd Upper Handle Service 39466094 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Upper Handle Service $7.27
16.5 38634078 PLASTIC PARTS 16.5" Extension Wand $7.13

Out of Stock

Upholstery Nozzle 38614044 PLASTIC PARTS Upholstery Nozzle $5.94
16 38617031 PLASTIC PARTS 16" Crevice Tool - 2-in-1, Tan $5.94
Wbd Tool Door-Cp 37257281 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Tool Door-Cp $4.76
Dirt Cup Lid  For Savvy and Anniversay uprights 37249095 PLASTIC PARTS Dirt Cup Lid For Savvy and Anniversay uprights $4.63
Wbd Hose Hlder Upper-Agr 36433196 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Hose Hlder Upper-Agr $3.56
2-7/8 43414197 PLASTIC PARTS 2-7/8" Black Dusting Brush $2.81

Out of Stock

Wbd Bottom Plate-Abe 37245102 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Bottom Plate-Abe $2.72
Wbd Bag Container Lid 37249097 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Bag Container Lid $2.50
Wbd Handle Release Lever-Ag 38434026 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Handle Release Lever-Ag $2.37
Litter Picker - Ag 39511018 PLASTIC PARTS Litter Picker - Ag $2.37
Wbd Handle Grip-Aea 39454079 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Handle Grip-Aea $2.37
Wbd Knob-Ag 38421110 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Knob-Ag $1.77
Wbd Wand Holder-Lower-Agr 36433194 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Wand Holder-Lower-Agr $1.77
Wbd Wand Holder-Upper-Agr 36433197 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Wand Holder-Upper-Agr $1.53
Cord Wrap-Ags 39442048 POWER CORDS Cord Wrap-Ags $0.89
Torsion Spring 38355010 SPRINGS Torsion Spring $1.18
Nla Screw-Self Tapping-5/8 214793DA FASTENERS Nla Screw-Self Tapping-5/8",11,17

Out of Stock

Nla Prefilter Assembly Ag 36426069 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Prefilter Assembly Ag
Nla Knob Cart Filt-Ag 38411013 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Knob Cart Filt-Ag

Out of Stock


Warranty 1 Year(s)
Headlight Yes 
Tools Included Air Powered Hand Tool 
Wand Yes 
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