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reconditioned Reconditioned  WindTunnel Bagged Upright

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Reconditioned WindTunnel Bagged Upright

Model # U54219RM

Powerful cleaning made easy.

Price: $144.49

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  • Patented Wind Tunnel Technology
  • Allergen filter traps 100% dust mites, ragweed and common grass pollens
  • 12 amp motor provides powerful cleaning performance
  • Dual brush agitator
  • Exclusive front tool storage places the tools within easy reach
  • Removable, washable final filter
  • Edge groomers to clean carpet near baseboards and furniture
  • 15" cleaning width nozzle
  • Tool set includes: attached hose, 2 extension wands, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and crevice tool
  • 31 ft. cord for large area vacuuming

RECONDITIONED UNITS are not eligible for second day or express shipping. Orders may take up to 6 days to leave our warehouse. This also includes units marked refurbished or remanufactured.

  Model # Category Description Price Quantity
15 48414132 AGITATOR BRUSHES AND BRISTLES 15" Brushroll
Agitator Belt for all WindTunnel Non-Power Drive Models 38528033 BELTS Agitator Belt for all WindTunnel Non-Power Drive Models
Handle Hardware Assembly Screws 40201149 FASTENERS Handle Hardware Assembly Screws
Screw-Self Tapping 21447242 FASTENERS Screw-Self Tapping
Lock Ring 160017-- FASTENERS Lock Ring
Screw 21447072 FASTENERS Screw

Out of Stock

Screw 21447121 FASTENERS Screw
Screw-Self-Tapping 21447228 FASTENERS Screw-Self-Tapping
Type Y Allergen Bag - 3 pack 4010100Y FILTER BAGS Type Y Allergen Bag - 3 pack
Final Filter 40110004 FILTERS Final Filter

Out of Stock

WindTunnel Secondary Filter (Self Propelled) 38765019 FILTERS WindTunnel Secondary Filter (Self Propelled)

Out of Stock

Agitator Pulley Seal 38781053 FILTERS Agitator Pulley Seal

Out of Stock

Hose Assy Complete-8Ft Stretch 440007333 HOSES Hose Assy Complete-8Ft Stretch

Out of Stock

Hose Door Assem-Service 43431005 HOSES Hose Door Assem-Service
Wbd Filter Grill / Black 37257221 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Wbd Filter Grill / Black
Filter Holder / Black 36426033 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Filter Holder / Black
Wbd Hose Holder 36433137 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Wbd Hose Holder
Handle Release Lever 38458043 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Handle Release Lever

Out of Stock

Split Litter Picker 39511004 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Split Litter Picker
Replaced By 43248064  Front Wheel Support-Cp 36432027 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Replaced By 43248064 Front Wheel Support-Cp

Out of Stock

Handle Cap-Dlx / Black 37911080 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Handle Cap-Dlx / Black
Hoover WindTunnel Extra Long Extension Hose 43434042 PLASTIC PARTS Hoover WindTunnel Extra Long Extension Hose

Out of Stock

Wbd Bag Housing Door-Dlx 42255053 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Bag Housing Door-Dlx
Wbd Bag Hsg Door-Ag W/O 42255086 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Bag Hsg Door-Ag W/O

Out of Stock

WindTunnel Bagged Front Panel 37254176 PLASTIC PARTS WindTunnel Bagged Front Panel

Out of Stock

Btm Plate/Duct 15 Service 40309026 PLASTIC PARTS Btm Plate/Duct 15 Service
Btm Plate/Duct 13 Service 40309025 PLASTIC PARTS Btm Plate/Duct 13 Service

Out of Stock

WindTunnel Bagged Upright Handle 48663205 PLASTIC PARTS WindTunnel Bagged Upright Handle
Tool Door 37257260 PLASTIC PARTS Tool Door
16.5 38634078 PLASTIC PARTS 16.5" Extension Wand

Out of Stock

Nla Replaced By 38617033 Crevice Tool 38617027 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Replaced By 38617033 Crevice Tool

Out of Stock

Rear Wheel 38522077 PLASTIC PARTS Rear Wheel
Secondary Filter Ret 36426034 PLASTIC PARTS Secondary Filter Ret
Trunnion Cover / Black 36131094 PLASTIC PARTS Trunnion Cover / Black
Hose Clamp-Abe 36171044 PLASTIC PARTS Hose Clamp-Abe
Wheel Retainer - BZ 36131056 PLASTIC PARTS Wheel Retainer - BZ
Bag Door Gskt 34.5 38781057 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Bag Door Gskt 34.5",50,125
Bag Door Gasket-Bottom 34123050 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Bag Door Gasket-Bottom
Torsion Spring 38355010 SPRINGS Torsion Spring


Warranty 183 Days
Brushroll Shutoff No 
Full Indicator No 
Headlight Yes 
Self-propelled No 
Cordless No 
Bagless No 
Hose Type Stretch 
Motor Amps 12 Amps
Motor Volts 120 Volts
Brushed Edge Cleaning No 
Height Adjustment 3 Level 
Wand No 
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