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Hoover Upright

Model # U4707

  Model # Category Description Price Quantity
Type B Allergen Bag - 3 pack 4010103B FILTER BAGS Type B Allergen Bag - 3 pack $10.79
Type B Allergen Bag 4010102B FILTER BAGS Type B Allergen Bag $3.99
2 Pk Hoover Style 18 Belt 40201318 BELTS 2 Pk Hoover Style 18 Belt $3.99
Type B HEPA Bag 43655119 CLOTH BAGS Type B HEPA Bag $4.59
Wbd Cloth Bag Assembly 93004750 CLOTH BAGS Wbd Cloth Bag Assembly
Bulb 1920906000 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Bulb $0.86
Wbd Switch-3 Position 760624001 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Switch-3 Position
Body Screw 1503819000 FASTENERS Body Screw $0.17
V Shaped Gasket 1RYV650000 FASTENERS V Shaped Gasket
Right Clamp 1JR0030000 FASTENERS Right Clamp
Wheel Pin 1JR0021000 FASTENERS Wheel Pin
Nozzle Guard Screw 1JV0103000 FASTENERS Nozzle Guard Screw
Left Clamp 1JR0031000 FASTENERS Left Clamp
Replaced By 2Jr1000000 Lower Tube 1JR0023000 METAL TUBES Replaced By 2Jr1000000 Lower Tube

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Wbd Upper Handle Tube 1JR0018000 METAL TUBES Wbd Upper Handle Tube $6.61
Wbd Motor Assembly 001248011 MOTORS Wbd Motor Assembly
Wbd Cord 1LV1101000 New Category Wbd Cord
Brushroll Assy 2JR0010000 PLASTIC PARTS Brushroll Assy $30.01
Handle Tube Grip 1JR0028000 PLASTIC PARTS Handle Tube Grip $11.22
Upper Collar 1JR0026000 PLASTIC PARTS Upper Collar $1.70
Lower Collar 1JR0025000 PLASTIC PARTS Lower Collar $1.47
Handle O Ring Small 1JR0027000 PLASTIC PARTS Handle O Ring Small $1.11
Wbd Nozzle Base 513175009 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Nozzle Base
Dirt Deflector 1JR0035000 PLASTIC PARTS Dirt Deflector
Cord Clip 1JR0029000 PLASTIC PARTS Cord Clip
Cord Hook 1JR0012000 PLASTIC PARTS Cord Hook
Wheel 1JR0019000 PLASTIC PARTS Wheel
Fan Cover 1JR0015000 PLASTIC PARTS Fan Cover
Handle Stopper 1JR0022000 PLASTIC PARTS Handle Stopper
E Clip 1JR0020000 PLASTIC PARTS E Clip
Wbd Nozzle Cover Assembly 001033004 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Nozzle Cover Assembly
Edge Clean Assy 1JR0033000 PLASTIC PARTS Edge Clean Assy
Fan 1JR0013000 PLASTIC PARTS Fan
Wbd Upper Handle Assembly 001249004 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Upper Handle Assembly
Nozzle Guard 1JR0032000 PLASTIC PARTS Nozzle Guard
Seal 1JR0014000 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Seal


Warranty 2 Year(s)
Brushroll Shutoff No 
Full Indicator No 
Headlight Yes 
Self-propelled No 
Cord Length 35 Feet
Bagless No 
Filtration HEPA 
Motor Amps 4 Amps
Brushed Edge Cleaning Yes 
Bumper Type Scuff Guard 
Dry Nozzle Brush Type Motorized Brushroll 
Nozzle Width 12.5 Inches
Assembly Required Some assembly, but no tools required 
Belt Type Style 18 
Product Weight 9 Pounds
Wand No 
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