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top_rated Duros Canister Cleaner

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Duros Canister Cleaner

Model # S3592

Parts, supplies and accessories are available for this unit. Please click the parts & accessories link.

  Model # Category Description Price Quantity
Wbd Agitator 93001624 AGITATOR BRUSHES AND BRISTLES Wbd Agitator $23.80
Agitator Belt - Duros Canister 93001625 BELTS Agitator Belt - Duros Canister $2.74
Type SR Allergen - 3 pack 401011SR FILTER BAGS Type SR Allergen - 3 pack $5.99
Wbd Filter Holder - Bulkhead 93001532 FILTERS Wbd Filter Holder - Bulkhead $2.37
Wbd Final Filter 93001533 FILTERS Wbd Final Filter $2.19
Exhaust Filter 93001535 FILTERS Exhaust Filter $1.09
Wbd Furniture Brush - Rotating 93001593 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Furniture Brush - Rotating $7.13
Wbd Head Lamp (59134219 93001618 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Head Lamp (59134219
Wbd Strain Relief 93001610 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Strain Relief
Wbd Spring - Wand Latching Lever 93001584 FASTENERS Wbd Spring - Wand Latching Lever
Wbd Screw - Self Tapping 93001589 FASTENERS Wbd Screw - Self Tapping
Bulkhead Final Filter - Canisters 93001531 FILTERS Bulkhead Final Filter - Canisters

Out of Stock

Legacy/Duros Canister Hose 93002244 HOSES Legacy/Duros Canister Hose
Nla Wand Asy 93002248 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Wand Asy

Out of Stock

Wbd Upholstery Brush 93001594 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Upholstery Brush
Wbd Bag Holder Assembly 93001544 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Bag Holder Assembly
Wbd Crevice Tool 93001538 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Crevice Tool
Nla Bag Lid Latch 93001545 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Bag Lid Latch

Out of Stock

Wbd Wand Storage Clip/Tool Holder 93001592 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Wand Storage Clip/Tool Holder
Wbd Small Nozzle Wheel 93001620 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Small Nozzle Wheel
Wbd Axle - Small Nozzle Wheel 93001621 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Axle - Small Nozzle Wheel
Nla Wand Latching Lever 93001583 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Wand Latching Lever

Out of Stock

Wbd Latch-Wand 59134271 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Latch-Wand
Wbd Bag Cover Seal 93001564 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Wbd Bag Cover Seal


Warranty 1 Year(s)
Full Indicator Yes 
Headlight Yes 
Cord Length 20 Feet
Bagless No 
Filtration Not Available 
Hose Length 5 Feet
Hose Type Stretch 
Motor Amps 12 Amps
Nozzle Width 14 Inches
Color Gray 
Tools Included Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool 
Wand Yes 
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