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FloorMate Hard Floor Cleaner

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FloorMate Hard Floor Cleaner

Model # H2800---

Throw Away the Mop. For Good.

Price: $129.99

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  • Vacuums, Washes and Dries ALL hard floor surfaces
  • Dual function dry/wet operation
  • Dual brush action
  • Removable Brush Assembly and Nozzle Squeegee
  • Beltless design
  • E-Z Empty Recovery Tank with Automatic Shutoff
  • Dual Tank Design keeps clean solution and dirty water separate
  • 13" Cleaning Path
  • Deluxe grip with solution trigger
  • Long cord with quick release
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes 8 oz. bottle of FloorMate® Floor-to-Floor hard floor cleaning solution
  • Full One Year Warranty
  Model # Category Description Price Quantity
FloorMate Filter 59177051 FILTERS FloorMate Filter $9.99
Filter Lid - FloorMate® 59177140 FILTERS Filter Lid - FloorMate® $3.30
Wbd Brush Control Cap 59177046 AGITATOR BRUSHES AND BRISTLES Wbd Brush Control Cap
Wbd Brush Control Rod 59177167 AGITATOR BRUSHES AND BRISTLES Wbd Brush Control Rod
Wbd Recvery Tnk Lid-H301 59177139 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Recvery Tnk Lid-H301 $13.08
Wbd Protector Jacket 59177093 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Protector Jacket
Wbd Retainer-H3000,3010 59177168 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Retainer-H3000,3010
Wbd Switch Button-H3010 59177133 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Switch Button-H3010
Wbd Switch Cover 59177016 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Switch Cover
Wbd On Off Switch 59177048 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd On Off Switch
Screw Pack - Floormate 59177120 FASTENERS Screw Pack - Floormate $1.53
Wbd Screw 8 X 45 59177054 FASTENERS Wbd Screw 8 X 45 $1.18
Wbd Screw W/Washer-Flmat 59177069 FASTENERS Wbd Screw W/Washer-Flmat $0.65
Wbd Lock Ring 59177088 FASTENERS Wbd Lock Ring $0.60
Wbd Screw (M3.5 X 20) 59177099 FASTENERS Wbd Screw (M3.5 X 20) $0.60
Wbd Screw (#8 X 30) 59177101 FASTENERS Wbd Screw (#8 X 30)
Wbd Cord Clamp 59177094 FASTENERS Wbd Cord Clamp
Wbd Screw (M3.5 X 17) 59177104 FASTENERS Wbd Screw (M3.5 X 17)
Wbd Washer 59177110 FASTENERS Wbd Washer
Wbd Screw (M3.5 X 10 Z) 59177102 FASTENERS Wbd Screw (M3.5 X 10 Z)
Wbd Screw (M2.6 X 5) 59177105 FASTENERS Wbd Screw (M2.6 X 5)
Wbd Screw (M3.5 X 10 Ss) 59177100 FASTENERS Wbd Screw (M3.5 X 10 Ss)
Wbd Spring 59177112 FASTENERS Wbd Spring
Nla Screw (M3.5 X 10 Z) 59177103 FASTENERS Nla Screw (M3.5 X 10 Z)

Out of Stock

Wbd Recovery Hose 59177011 HOSES Wbd Recovery Hose $4.76
Wbd Motor Brushes 59177092 MOTORS Wbd Motor Brushes
Wbd Motor Assembly 59177074 MOTORS Wbd Motor Assembly
Wbd Recovery Tank-H3010 59177138 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Recovery Tank-H3010 $29.76
Wbd Recovery Channel 59177114 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Recovery Channel $7.13
Wbd Reservoir Assembly 59177075 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Reservoir Assembly $4.27
Wbd Float-H3010 59177143 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Float-H3010 $3.56
Replaced By 525539001  Valve Stem 38717009 PLASTIC PARTS Replaced By 525539001 Valve Stem

Out of Stock

Wbd Recovery Tnk Lid Loc 59177142 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Recovery Tnk Lid Loc $2.37
Wbd Front Cover-H2800 59177221 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Front Cover-H2800
Nla Control Button Spg 59177170 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Control Button Spg

Out of Stock

Wbd Solution Tube 59177006 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Solution Tube
Wbd Sol Tank Retain-H301 59177147 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Sol Tank Retain-H301
Wbd Recovery Tnk Rel But 59177141 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Recovery Tnk Rel But
Wbd Motor Mount Insulato 59177108 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Motor Mount Insulato
Nla Louver Cv-Rh-H2800 59177219 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Louver Cv-Rh-H2800

Out of Stock

Wbd Brsh Contrl But-H301 59177137 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Brsh Contrl But-H301
Wbd Carrying Hdl-H2800 59177214 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Carrying Hdl-H2800
Nla Replaced By 59177071 Sol Tank Cap-H3010 59177145 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Replaced By 59177071 Sol Tank Cap-H3010

Out of Stock

Wbd All In One Assem-H28 59177402 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd All In One Assem-H28
Wbd Louver Cv-Lh-H2800 59177220 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Louver Cv-Lh-H2800
Wbd Hdl Lev Guard-H2800 59177212 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Hdl Lev Guard-H2800
Wbd Duct Hose Mount 59177014 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Duct Hose Mount
Wbd Upper Control Rod 59177057 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Upper Control Rod
Wbd Lower Housing-H2800 59177217 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Lower Housing-H2800
Wbd Tank Base 59177008 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Tank Base
Wbd Fan Chamber Gasket 59177095 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Fan Chamber Gasket
Wbd Upper Handle-H2800 59177211 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Upper Handle-H2800
Wbd Sol Tank Latch-H3010 59177146 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Sol Tank Latch-H3010
Wbd Control Lever 59177058 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Control Lever
Wbd Tension Cable-H2800 59177370 POWER CORDS Wbd Tension Cable-H2800
Wbd Cord Wrap-Up-H2800 59177213 POWER CORDS Wbd Cord Wrap-Up-H2800
Wbd Cord Wrap-Low-H2800 59177216 POWER CORDS Wbd Cord Wrap-Low-H2800
Wbd Attachment Cord 59177001 POWER CORDS Wbd Attachment Cord
Recovery Tank Lid Gasket 59177097 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Recovery Tank Lid Gasket $1.53
Silicone-Seal, Valve Stem \ Red 563226001 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Silicone-Seal, Valve Stem \ Red $1.18
Wbd O Ring 59177015 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Wbd O Ring
Nla  Water Seal 59177109 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Nla Water Seal

Out of Stock

Spring 38312014 SPRINGS Spring $1.18


Warranty 1 Year(s)
Brushroll Shutoff No 
Full Indicator No 
Headlight No 
Self-propelled No 
Cord Length 24 Feet
Cordless No 
Bagless No 
Motor Volts 120 Volts
Brushed Edge Cleaning No 
Clean Water Capacity 1 Gallon(s)
Wand No 
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