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SteamVac® SpinScrub 50 Carpet Washer With Hard Floor Tools and Accessories

Model # FH50041

Price: $199.99
Sale Price: $169.99

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Take your home cleaning to a whole new level with the Hoover® SteamVac® SpinScrub® 50 Carpet Washer!


  • Patented SpinScrub® 50 Technology - Cleans all sides of the carpet fibers
  • Heated Cleaning - applies heat from the motor to speed up drying time
  • Clean Surge Control - allows you to put down 50% more solution in areas where there is a stubborn or old stain
  • 3 Brush Speeds allow for a customized clean:

    • Power Scrub - Ideal for full power cleaning of wall to wall carpeting
    • Gentle Scrub - Ideal for gentle cleaning for area rugs or delicate carpet fibers
    • Off - Turns the brushes completely off - Ideal for suctioning up spills right when they occur. Then go back and use one of the scrub modes to wash the carpet
  • 2 water tank system - keeps clean water separate from dirty water
  • 1 gallon clean water tank and 1 gallon solution recovery tank
  • 8 foot upholstery hose with cleaning attachments - for easy cleaning of stairs, upholstery, car interiors
  • Removable brushes - for easier cleaning
  • 11" Nozzle Width


  • 32 oz. 2X Clean Plus Solution
  • 16 oz. FloorMate Multi-Floor Detergent
  • Stair and upholstery nozzle tool
  • Utility tool
  Model # Category Description Price Quantity
Wbd Lead Wire-Wh-Sv 12Am 49811079 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Lead Wire-Wh-Sv 12Am
Insulated Terminal 012227-- ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Insulated Terminal
Handle Hardware 40201245 FASTENERS Handle Hardware $3.09
Wbd Screw 21479438 FASTENERS Wbd Screw $1.18
Screw-Self Tapping-S 21447255 FASTENERS Screw-Self Tapping-S $1.18
Rear Axle 32434007 FASTENERS Rear Axle $1.18
Wbd Speed Nut 21362006 FASTENERS Wbd Speed Nut $0.89
Lock Ring 160017-- FASTENERS Lock Ring $0.61
Wbd Screw 21447041 FASTENERS Wbd Screw $0.61
Screw 21447020 FASTENERS Screw $0.60
Screw 21447072 FASTENERS Screw $0.60
Wbd Screw-Self Tapping 21447217 FASTENERS Wbd Screw-Self Tapping
Wbd Screw-Self Tapping-F 21447232 FASTENERS Wbd Screw-Self Tapping-F
Wbd Screw 21447239 FASTENERS Wbd Screw
Cleaning Tool Hose Assembly Comp Ag 304042002 HOSES Cleaning Tool Hose Assembly Comp Ag $44.09
Wbd On/Off Label - Steam 51865024 LABELS / DATA PLATES / GRAPHICS Wbd On/Off Label - Steam
Label-Door 51639196 LABELS / DATA PLATES / GRAPHICS Label-Door
Nla  Hdl Rel Label-Steam 51638055 LABELS / DATA PLATES / GRAPHICS Nla Hdl Rel Label-Steam

Out of Stock

Label, Brush/Speed 51639192 LABELS / DATA PLATES / GRAPHICS Label, Brush/Speed
Nameplate-Clean Surge 51639208 LABELS / DATA PLATES / GRAPHICS Nameplate-Clean Surge
Sn Motor Assembly 27212074 MOTORS Sn Motor Assembly
Standpipe Seal 38784063 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Standpipe Seal $4.19
Control Rod - Lower 38458033 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Control Rod - Lower $1.53
Trigger-Sv Iii's 38433074 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Trigger-Sv Iii's $1.18
Lh Latch Tank Release Amx 522194002 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Lh Latch Tank Release Amx $0.90
Sn Rh Latch Tank Release Amx 522194001 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Sn Rh Latch Tank Release Amx $0.90
Replaced By 43513010 For Service Coupler Sleeve Amx 522227001 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Replaced By 43513010 For Service Coupler Sleeve Amx

Out of Stock

Control Lever Amx 502204001 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Control Lever Amx
Cord Ret.-Ag 36172054 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Cord Ret.-Ag
Recovery Tank Assem. Comp.-Anb 440001261 PLASTIC PARTS Recovery Tank Assem. Comp.-Anb $52.15
Solution Tank Assem. Comp.-Anb 440001251 PLASTIC PARTS Solution Tank Assem. Comp.-Anb $35.71
SteamVac Recovery (Dirty Water) Tank Lid 42272111 PLASTIC PARTS SteamVac Recovery (Dirty Water) Tank Lid $35.71
Upper Handle Ju 522212001 PLASTIC PARTS Upper Handle Ju $28.92

Out of Stock

Handle (Gray)- SteamVac with Hose Hook and Cord Release 39466113 PLASTIC PARTS Handle (Gray)- SteamVac with Hose Hook and Cord Release $28.92
SteamVac 5-Brush Block 48437022 PLASTIC PARTS SteamVac 5-Brush Block $28.57
Hood 37271136 PLASTIC PARTS Hood $25.73
Recovery Tank Storm Gray Translucent 522207001 PLASTIC PARTS Recovery Tank Storm Gray Translucent $16.01
Reservoir Assem Ju 304046001 PLASTIC PARTS Reservoir Assem Ju $9.38
Tool Cover-F5871-900 37276011 PLASTIC PARTS Tool Cover-F5871-900 $5.10
Nozzle/Valve Assembl 43412007 PLASTIC PARTS Nozzle/Valve Assembl $4.76
Tank Filter 38762014 PLASTIC PARTS Tank Filter $4.40
Float Assembly 43538001 PLASTIC PARTS Float Assembly $3.92
Connector Coupler Sl 43513010 PLASTIC PARTS Connector Coupler Sl $3.92
Lower Tool Holder 36433234 PLASTIC PARTS Lower Tool Holder $3.59
Bare Floor Cl/Tool Foam Assem 48417008 PLASTIC PARTS Bare Floor Cl/Tool Foam Assem $3.07
Lens 39383106 PLASTIC PARTS Lens $2.96
Handle Lever Guard Ju 522210001 PLASTIC PARTS Handle Lever Guard Ju $2.79
Float Retainer-Steam 38719027 PLASTIC PARTS Float Retainer-Steam $2.72
Screen Asy 43613009 PLASTIC PARTS Screen Asy $2.72
Replaced By 525539001  Valve Stem 38717009 PLASTIC PARTS Replaced By 525539001 Valve Stem

Out of Stock

Solution Tank Handle Amx 522209001 PLASTIC PARTS Solution Tank Handle Amx $2.28
Upper Hose Holder Ju 522196001 PLASTIC PARTS Upper Hose Holder Ju $2.06
Tool Holder Ju 522195001 PLASTIC PARTS Tool Holder Ju $1.98
Wbd Wand Cover-Sv Iii 37276006 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Wand Cover-Sv Iii $1.96
Wand Valve Assem 43513024 PLASTIC PARTS Wand Valve Assem $1.77
Gray Solution Tank Cap 42272158 PLASTIC PARTS Gray Solution Tank Cap $1.77
Rear Wheel Ag 522206001 PLASTIC PARTS Rear Wheel Ag $1.54
Cord Wrap 39442056 PLASTIC PARTS Cord Wrap $0.69
Nozzle Clean Out Tool 39514003 PLASTIC PARTS Nozzle Clean Out Tool $0.57
Sn Indicator Knob Amx 522202001 PLASTIC PARTS Sn Indicator Knob Amx
Sn Main Body Ju 522197001 PLASTIC PARTS Sn Main Body Ju
Trunnion Cover Rh Ju 522193001 PLASTIC PARTS Trunnion Cover Rh Ju
Quick Disconnect Asy Serv 43523004 PLASTIC PARTS Quick Disconnect Asy Serv
Pump Assembly Complete 43582018 PLASTIC PARTS Pump Assembly Complete
Door-Ag F5886-900 37257297 PLASTIC PARTS Door-Ag F5886-900
Sn Lower Handle Ju 522211001 PLASTIC PARTS Sn Lower Handle Ju
Solution Button Amx 522201001 PLASTIC PARTS Solution Button Amx

Out of Stock

Switch Actuation Lever Amx 522203001 PLASTIC PARTS Switch Actuation Lever Amx
Handle Release Lever Amx 522205001 PLASTIC PARTS Handle Release Lever Amx
Solution Tube Cover Ju 522199001 PLASTIC PARTS Solution Tube Cover Ju

Out of Stock

Turbine Gear Asm 43191021 PLASTIC PARTS Turbine Gear Asm
Motor Cover 37196190 PLASTIC PARTS Motor Cover
Wbd Elbow Connector 33241001 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Elbow Connector

Out of Stock

Control Rod Upper-Ba 38458055 PLASTIC PARTS Control Rod Upper-Ba
Handle Cover Ju 522200001 PLASTIC PARTS Handle Cover Ju
Trunnion Cover Lh Ju 522193002 PLASTIC PARTS Trunnion Cover Lh Ju
Control Rod Upper-Fr 38458056 PLASTIC PARTS Control Rod Upper-Fr
Exhst Duct Cv-Mn Bdy 38769028 PLASTIC PARTS Exhst Duct Cv-Mn Bdy
Attachment Cord Assem 46583125 POWER CORDS Attachment Cord Assem
Tool, Upholstery Nozzle Brush 304593001 POWERED HAND TOOL Tool, Upholstery Nozzle Brush $4.40
Seal-Fl. Ret.-Steam 38784070 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Seal-Fl. Ret.-Steam $2.72
Gasket 38784062 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Gasket $1.53
Solution Tank Seal 38784060 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Solution Tank Seal $1.18
Silicone-Seal, Valve Stem \ Red 563226001 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Silicone-Seal, Valve Stem \ Red $1.18
Seal 38783021 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Seal $1.12
Motor Seal 34113004 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Motor Seal
Motor Base Seal 38781048 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Motor Base Seal
Spring 38312019 SPRINGS Spring $1.18
Spring 38312014 SPRINGS Spring $1.18
Spring -Access Door 38351017 SPRINGS Spring -Access Door $1.18
Spring 38333009 SPRINGS Spring
Tubing Retainer-F591 36132004 STAMPINGS Tubing Retainer-F591
Switch (90001106) 28218061 SWITCHES Switch (90001106)


Warranty 1 Year(s)
Safety Rated UL 
Heated Cleaning Yes 
Cord Length 20 Feet
Handle Fixed 
Hose Length 8 Feet
Motor Amps 12 Amps
Brushed Edge Cleaning No 
Clean Surge Yes 
Dual V No 
Nozzle Width 11.25 Inches
Removable Brushes Yes 
Removable Nozzle No 
Rinse None 
Wet Nozzle Brush Type Spin Scrub Brush 
Clean Water Capacity 1 Gallon(s)
Color Red 
Dirty Water Capacity 128 Ounce(s)
Product Weight 20 Pounds
Accessories Included Squeegee 
Cleaning Solutions Included 16 oz Floormate Multi-Floor Plus 2X, 32 oz Clean Plus 2X 
Tools Included Bare Floor Tool, Upholstery Tool 
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