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Hoover Commercial Spotter/Carpet Cleaner

Model # C3820---

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Price: $400.00

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  • Five Rotating Brushes for Maximum Cleaning
  • Ideal for Quick Clean Ups for Stains and Spills
  • 11" Cleaning Path
  • 7.9 Amps
  • Includes 48 oz. ULTRA Detergent
  • 3 Brushroll Speeds: Off / Low / High -- "Off" feature allows user to pick up quick spills immediately
  • SpinScrub brushes are floating and automatically adjust to different carpet heights. In addition, they are removable for easy cleaning
  • Large 1 Gallon Clean Water/Solution Tank and Recovery Tank. Both are washable
  • Heated cleaning forces hot air into cleaning path
  • Automatic "shut-off" mechanism will shut off the cleaner suction when recovery tank is full
  • Fingertip Trigger Solution lets user control how much solution is put down
  • Integrated carrying handle makes the SteamVac easy to carry
  • 20' 18/3 SJT Cord
  • 19.0 lbs
  • Two Year Commercial Warranty
  Model # Category Description Price Quantity
Hardware Assembly 40201145 FASTENERS Hardware Assembly $2.37
Wbd Screw 21479438 FASTENERS Wbd Screw $1.18
Rear Axle 32434007 FASTENERS Rear Axle $1.18
Lock Ring 160017-- FASTENERS Lock Ring $0.61
Screw 21447072 FASTENERS Screw $0.60
Screw 21447020 FASTENERS Screw $0.60
Standpipe Seal 38784063 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Standpipe Seal $4.19
Control Rod - Lower 38458033 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Control Rod - Lower $1.53
Lh Latch Tank Release Amx 522194002 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Lh Latch Tank Release Amx $0.90
Rh Latch Tank Release Amx 522194001 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Rh Latch Tank Release Amx $0.90
Recovery Tank Assem. Comp.-Anb 440001261 PLASTIC PARTS Recovery Tank Assem. Comp.-Anb $52.15
Hood Assembly-Ag-C38 37271057 PLASTIC PARTS Hood Assembly-Ag-C38 $41.66
Solution Tank Assem. Comp.-Anb 440001251 PLASTIC PARTS Solution Tank Assem. Comp.-Anb $35.71
SteamVac Recovery (Dirty Water) Tank Lid 42272111 PLASTIC PARTS SteamVac Recovery (Dirty Water) Tank Lid $35.71
SteamVac 5-Brush Block 48437022 PLASTIC PARTS SteamVac 5-Brush Block $28.57
SteamVac Clean Water and Solution Tank 42272145 PLASTIC PARTS SteamVac Clean Water and Solution Tank $28.18
Upper Handle Assem Comp Mag Gray 48663237 PLASTIC PARTS Upper Handle Assem Comp Mag Gray $21.39

Out of Stock

Recovery Tank Storm Gray Translucent 522207001 PLASTIC PARTS Recovery Tank Storm Gray Translucent $16.01
Tank Filter 38762014 PLASTIC PARTS Tank Filter $4.40
Sra 522205001 Handle Release Lever 38458042 PLASTIC PARTS Sra 522205001 Handle Release Lever $4.27
Float Assembly 43538001 PLASTIC PARTS Float Assembly $3.92
Lens 39383106 PLASTIC PARTS Lens $2.96
Screen Asy 43613009 PLASTIC PARTS Screen Asy $2.72
Float Retainer-Steam 38719027 PLASTIC PARTS Float Retainer-Steam $2.72
Trunnion Cover Rh Ags 36131124 PLASTIC PARTS Trunnion Cover Rh Ags $2.37
Solution Tank Handle Amx 522209001 PLASTIC PARTS Solution Tank Handle Amx $2.28
Control Rod - Upper 38458031 PLASTIC PARTS Control Rod - Upper $1.90
Gray Solution Tank Cap 42272158 PLASTIC PARTS Gray Solution Tank Cap $1.77

Out of Stock

Rear Wheel Ag 522206001 PLASTIC PARTS Rear Wheel Ag $1.54
Trunnion Cover Lh Ags 36131125 PLASTIC PARTS Trunnion Cover Lh Ags $1.05
Cord Wrap-Ags 39442048 POWER CORDS Cord Wrap-Ags $0.89
Seal-Fl. Ret.-Steam 38784070 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Seal-Fl. Ret.-Steam $2.72
Gasket 38784062 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Gasket $1.53
Silicone-Seal, Valve Stem \ Red 563226001 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Silicone-Seal, Valve Stem \ Red $1.18
Solution Tank Seal 38784060 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Solution Tank Seal $1.18
Spring 38312014 SPRINGS Spring $1.18
Nla R/B 440003975 Service Tubing - Steam Vac 40309002 PLASTIC PARTS Nla R/B 440003975 Service Tubing - Steam Vac

Out of Stock

Replaced By 525539001  Valve Stem 38717009 PLASTIC PARTS Replaced By 525539001 Valve Stem

Out of Stock


Warranty 2 Year(s)
Safety Rated ETL, UL 
Brushroll Shutoff Yes 
Dual Tank System Yes 
Heated Cleaning Yes 
Cord Length 3-wire SJT, 35 Feet
Grip Type Standard Grip Handle 
Motor Amps 7.9 Amps
Motor Volts 120 Volts
Height Adjustment Automatic 
Nozzle Width 11 Inches
Removable Brushes Yes 
Assembly Required Screw Driver 
Clean Water Capacity 1 Gallon(s)
Color Black 
Dirty Water Capacity 1 Gallon(s)
Cleaning Solutions Included 32 oz Clean Plus 2X 
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