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top_rated Commercial Back Pack (1.25" Diameter Tools)

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Commercial Back Pack (1.25" Diameter Tools)

Model # C2401010

  Model # Category Description Price Quantity
Dust Bag 2KE2105000 FILTER BAGS Dust Bag $90.70
Type BP Bag - 7 pack 401000BP FILTER BAGS Type BP Bag - 7 pack $9.99
Type Bp Bag Mry4001 1KE2103000 FILTER BAGS Type Bp Bag Mry4001
External Motor Filter 1KE2155000 FILTER BAGS External Motor Filter
Hepa Filter 2KE2110000 FILTERS Hepa Filter $51.60
Extension Cord 12401300 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Extension Cord
Strain Relief Grommet 1Ke1255000 1KE0265600 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Strain Relief Grommet 1Ke1255000
Power Cord Pigtail  10 Amp 12401200 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Power Cord Pigtail 10 Amp
Shoulder Strap Set 1KE0430600 FASTENERS Shoulder Strap Set $16.65
Nla Washer Small 1KE0420000 FASTENERS Nla Washer Small

Out of Stock

Screw  Harness Hardware 1KE0405000 FASTENERS Screw Harness Hardware
Nla Rivet 1KE0206000 FASTENERS Nla Rivet

Out of Stock

Nut 1KE0410000 FASTENERS Nut
Bottom Cap Screw 3.5Mm/25 1KE0285000 FASTENERS Bottom Cap Screw 3.5Mm/25
PowerMax™ Turbine Powered Nozzle SH01010 FINISHED GOODS PowerMax™ Turbine Powered Nozzle
Hose 1KE3600000 HOSES Hose $56.73

Out of Stock

Motor Assembly 2KE0210000 MOTORS Motor Assembly
Set Of 2 Straight Wand Mry4000 2KE0635600 PLASTIC PARTS Set Of 2 Straight Wand Mry4000 $51.31
Gulper Floor Tool 32Mm 2KE0640600 PLASTIC PARTS Gulper Floor Tool 32Mm $44.77
Nla 11In Floor Nozzle Assembly 2KE8100000 PLASTIC PARTS Nla 11In Floor Nozzle Assembly

Out of Stock

Dome Lid 2KE2100000 PLASTIC PARTS Dome Lid $31.15
Wbd Dusting Brush 32Mm 2KE0650600 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Dusting Brush 32Mm $14.36
Wbd Upholstery Tool 2KE0655600 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Upholstery Tool $12.83
Crevice Tool 1KE0645600 PLASTIC PARTS Crevice Tool $4.09
Bottom Cap Ry4001 1KE0281600 PLASTIC PARTS Bottom Cap Ry4001
Carrying Frame Assembly 2KE2185000 PLASTIC PARTS Carrying Frame Assembly
Toggle Latch 1KE0205000 PLASTIC PARTS Toggle Latch
Screw 5Mm X 20 Mm  Pan Plastite 1KE0245000 PLASTIC PARTS Screw 5Mm X 20 Mm Pan Plastite
Main Canister Body Complete 12401100 PLASTIC PARTS Main Canister Body Complete
Motor Filter Cage 1KE2150000 PLASTIC PARTS Motor Filter Cage
Intermediate Housing Mry4001 1KE0225BG0 PLASTIC PARTS Intermediate Housing Mry4001
Motor Gasket 1KE0210000 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Motor Gasket
Cable Clamp 1KE0260600 STAMPINGS Cable Clamp


Warranty 2 Year(s)
Safety Rated ETL, UL 
Cord Length 3-wire SJT,48 Feet
Filtration HEPA 
Motor Amps 8.5 Amps
Accessories Included Hard Floor Straight Suction Nozzle 
Tools Included Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool 
Wand Yes 
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