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Commercial Portapower Lightweight Cleaner

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Commercial Portapower Lightweight Cleaner

Model # C2094---

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Price: $200.00

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  • Compact and easy to carry (8.3 lbs)
  • Reusable 3-layer commercial cloth bag with paper bag option
  • Fits easily on stair tread for cleaning convenience
  • Long 33' SJT cable length for large area cleaning
  • Commercial one-year warranty
  • Tool set includes: crevice tool, wall/floor brush, dusting brush, furniture nozzle, rug/floor nozzle, two chrome wands, storage strap, and shoulder strap
  •   Model # Category Description Price Quantity
    Agitator Belt for Lightweight Uprights 046550AG BELTS Agitator Belt for Lightweight Uprights $2.09
    Wbd Screw 21447043 FASTENERS Wbd Screw $0.60
    Bag Assembly 43662023 FILTER BAGS Bag Assembly $11.90
    Type N Bag - 5 pack 4010038N FILTER BAGS Type N Bag - 5 pack $4.29
    Disp Bag Support Tube 38663010 OUTSIDE MOLDED PARTS-SW Disp Bag Support Tube $3.56
    Carrying Strap Assy- 48615001 PLASTIC PARTS Carrying Strap Assy- $9.27

    Out of Stock

    Cord Storage Strap A (Tek) 48615012 PLASTIC PARTS Cord Storage Strap A (Tek) $5.10
    Bag Door Assy (Tek) 42227039 PLASTIC PARTS Bag Door Assy (Tek) $3.92
    Strap Hook - S7065 33153002 PLASTIC PARTS Strap Hook - S7065 $1.90
    Diffuser 34366001 SEALS / GASKETS / TUBING Diffuser $1.18
    Terminal Shield (Tek) 37922002 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Terminal Shield (Tek)
    Switch (Tek) 28177006 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Switch (Tek)
    Wbd Nsulated Terminal 012227-- ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Wbd Nsulated Terminal
    Switch Button 38421012 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Switch Button
    Nla Replaced By 162059Ag Diffuser Door 43615056 ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL PARTS Nla Replaced By 162059Ag Diffuser Door

    Out of Stock

    Wbd Screw Self Tapping 21479573 FASTENERS Wbd Screw Self Tapping
    Wbd Hinge Pin 162062AY FASTENERS Wbd Hinge Pin
    Pressure Pad-S7065 33712005 FILTERS Pressure Pad-S7065
    Wbd Secondary Filter (Tek) 162083JM FILTERS Wbd Secondary Filter (Tek)
    Wbd Housing-Rh 42222158 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Housing-Rh
    Wbd Housing-Lh-Ag-S1r03 37223111 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Housing-Lh-Ag-S1r03
    Nla Diff Door-Abz-C2098 43615091 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Diff Door-Abz-C2098

    Out of Stock

    Cord Protector - Ag (Tek) 36215015 PLASTIC PARTS Cord Protector - Ag (Tek)
    Wbd Hsing Assm-Rh-Ag-C20 42222166 PLASTIC PARTS Wbd Hsing Assm-Rh-Ag-C20
    Nla Replaced By 42227039 42227184 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Replaced By 42227039

    Out of Stock

    Nla Replaced By 42222158  Housing 42222164 PLASTIC PARTS Nla Replaced By 42222158 Housing

    Out of Stock

    Attach. Cord - Aaw (Tek) 46383258 POWER CORDS Attach. Cord - Aaw (Tek)
    Wbd Cord-40'-Abz-C2098 (Tek) 46383350 POWER CORDS Wbd Cord-40'-Abz-C2098 (Tek)


    Warranty 1 Year(s)
    Brushroll Shutoff No 
    Full Indicator No 
    Headlight No 
    Self-propelled No 
    Cordless No 
    Bagless No 
    Hose Type Stretch 
    Motor Volts 120 Volts
    Brushed Edge Cleaning No 
    Tools Included Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool 
    Wand Yes 
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