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Homework Stations to Rug Care: Hoover Vacuums Launches Blog with Help from Top Interior Designer

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Design star Kim Myles pairs with iconic vacuum brand to explore the intersection of floor care and design

GLENWILLOW, Ohio, Aug. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hoover, the iconic floor care brand with a history of progressing the way Americans clean, has launched a new blog on Hoover.com aimed at giving renters and homeowners practical advice and information on floor care and design with plenty of fun mixed in.

Named 18 Degrees by Hoover, in reference to the angle of the line that bisects their well-known logo, the blog is set to become a clearing house of information that ranges from when and how to clean your floors to design ideas and even cleaning-music playlists.

To help launch the blog, Hoover has partnered with makeover maven Kim Myles. Myles, who appears regularly on OWN's Home Made Simple and is the creator of a line of candles and wall stencils available at KimMyles.com, will be a regular monthly contributor to 18 Degrees by Hoover.

"I feel like flooring is one of the unsung heroes of the room," said Myles. "As a designer, I have a vested interest in flooring, in rugs, in all of that - I am obsessed with it. And Hoover makes it really easy to get it all clean, so it just felt like a perfect storm of happy times."

The collaboration begins with a blog post dedicated to creating an inspiring homework station for families with school-aged kids. Myles offers insights for problems that range from lack of space to the fact that homework can be boring. Hoover intends to involve even more guest bloggers to address unique home solutions on 18 Degrees in the coming year. 18 Degrees by Hoover can be found at hoover.com/blog/

For more information, contact Marissa Barrett: Marissa.Barrett@ttifloorcare.com, 440-996-2571

Hoover Partners with MakerBot to Release Exclusive Printable Vacuum Accessories

Monday, January 12, 2015
Hoover Partners with MakerBot to Release Exclusive Printable Vacuum Accessories
The iconic vacuum brand releases print on demand accessories for new cordless cleaner line
Glenwillow, OH (December 19, 2014) – Hoover has announced today that it will be the first vacuum brand to offer print-on-demand accessories for consumers with access to 3D -printers.

In a partnership with MakerBot, leader in the desktop 3D printing industry, Hoover will be releasing printable accessories for its new line of cordless vacuums built on the LithiumLife battery platform on MakerBot’s website Thingiverse, the world’s largest global design destination for viewing, sharing and 3D printing digital design files.

“This new innovative technology is a great fit for our progressive new cordless cleaners,“ said Global vice president of Product Development Paul Bagwell. “Offering exclusive print-on-demand tools and accessories allows Hoover to address narrower consumer needs that might not justify whole-scale manufacturing. 3D printing allows us to be more nimble and respond to consumer accessory and customization needs quicker than typical manufacturing processes might allow.”    

The pilot program will begin with the release of two 3D printable accessories for the new Hoover Air Cordless; both available for download on MakerBot’s Thingiverse.com website.

Both tools are designed to address needs for owners of the full-size cordless vacuum: A snap-on battery mount to carry the extra LithiumLife battery that comes with the Air Cordless. And a clip to add a flashlight to the end of the extension wand to light up dark corners and the floor underneath couches and chairs.

The two tools are also paired with a two historical models of classic Hoover cleaners to illustrate how the 100-year-old brand sits at the crossroads of history and modern innovation.

Hoover will follow the initial accessory release with another set of exclusive tools to coincide with the launch of their Hoover Air Cordless Lift in spring of 2015.

More information on the project can be found at Hoover.com/blog

Contact:              Marissa.Barrett@ttifloorcare.com | Hoover

                            Jenifer.Howard@makerbot.com | MakerBot

Stress Over Holiday Cleaning Means Startling Shortcuts for Millions of Americans

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Stress Over Holiday Cleaning Means Startling Shortcuts for Millions of Americans

New Hoover Holiday Cleanliness Survey Reveals Seasonal Stress Can Lead to Fake Cleaning Tactics
Glenwillow, OH (December 3, 2014) – A new survey from Hoover, in association with Kelton Global, has revealed that Americans could use some helper elves of their own when it comes cleaning the home for the holidays.
According to the Hoover Holiday Cleanliness Survey, Americans are more stressed over cleaning during the winter holidays than traveling, cooking, unexpected guests popping in, baking, putting up and taking down decorations, or gift wrapping.

Missed a Spot
Why all the angst? It turns out the stress is self-imposed. Nearly half (46%) of Americans say they are their own biggest critic about the cleanliness of their home during the holidays.
And that self-criticism is possibly what leads many Americans to some startlingly sneaky behaviors. The survey found that a whopping 71% of Americans admit to faking a pristine house during the holiday season using tactics like hiding messy belongings behind closed doors (55%), cleaning around decorations (35%), moving furniture to hide stains (14%), and even sweeping debris under rugs (10%).
Those faux-tidy tactics most likely happen in one of two problem rooms. The survey queried Americans about the hardest rooms to tackle over the holidays and the results were clear: the living room, due to all the decorations (35%) and the kitchen due to all the crumbs (33%).

Gift of Easier Cleaning
Would a gift of a vacuum help with all the shortcuts? Possibly. According to survey results, 67 million Americans would appreciate a vacuum under the tree. Still, only 24 million would give a vacuum, suggesting many vacuum appreciators will likely not be vacuum receivers.
Holiday Cleaning Survival Secrets
Based on survey results, Hoover suggests using the stress-relieving SAVE method for holiday preparing.
Straighten: to get things tidy.
Arrange: by repositioning a couch or trading out the books you have on your coffee table to get a fresh look.
Vacuum: To get debris and those important vacuum lines and then
say, “Enough” and relax before you entertain.
Hoover also suggests offering cleaning help to friends and loved ones during the season of giving and asking before ever gifting a vacuum, just to be sure.
Full survey results will be featured over the coming weeks on Hoover.com/blog

Hoover Air Cordless Press Release

Tuesday, June 03, 2014
6/3/2014                 Hoover Air Cordless Press Release

Hoover® Air™ Cordless: Finally, a full-size cordless vacuum that can clean your whole home

Simon Lawson, President, TTI Floor Care: “Sometimes it’s not what you add, but what you take away, that makes life easier. Every day cords limit, tangle and trip. Who would miss a cord? Cordless is freedom. Cordless is convenience. Cordless is now. Today, I am proud to announce the launch of Air™ Cordless, the first in a range of ground-breaking cordless products from Hoover. I feel that within 5 years, the majority of our products will be cord free. Who better to lead than us? One of the world’s leading floor care brands, who also happens to be sister to one of the leading power tool companies in the world? We are excited to bring true innovation to the consumer.”

Key Points
Hoover launches Air™ Cordless , with more than twice the capacity and run time of the best-selling cordless competitor*.
Two innovative power-tool inspired LithiumLife™ batteries offer 50-minutes of fade-free air power; enough for a whole home of 2,500 square feet.
Air™ Cordless, Hoover’s most lightweight upright, is portable and steerable with no loss of suction**.

Hoover Rethinks Cleaning
Imagine if you had a machine powerful enough to clean your entire house for 50 minutes without having to find an outlet. Imagine if your ability to clean had no limits, obstacles or boundaries.
To do that, you would need Air™ Cordless: the world’s first full-size, whole-home, cordless upright vacuum cleaner driven by LithiumLife battery technology and Hoover innovation.

“We could see frustration in a cordless vacuum that ran out of power after a few minutes. Others began by trying to make a stick vac stronger. We took a great upright and removed the cord,” explained Vice President of Product Development Paul Bagwell. “Tens of thousands of hours of team engineering and development led to a powerful cordless upright with incredible run-time. By comparison, some competitor cordless vacs are like an electric car that gets you only half way to work. We wanted to do better than that.”

The Air™ Cordless upright simply works. Taking care of tracked-in dirt can happen as you move from checking Facebook on your tablet to kissing the kids goodnight. It becomes part of your daily life. It does the job and is set aside, waiting to be used again, like a cellphone or your favorite book.
Paired with Hoover’s high-output charger, LithiumLife batteries have made the possibility of continuous untethered cleaning a reality. Hoover, inspired by its corporate affiliation with two powerful contractor-grade tool brands, developed its lithium-ion battery to be as rugged as it is long lasting.
Air™ Cordless cleans every room in your home, moving effortlessly from carpets to hard floors. At 9.9 pounds it is Hoover’s lightest bagless-upright, offering premium portability. For maximum utility, Air™ Cordless features a removable wand, a comprehensive tool kit and a dirt-cup that triples the capacity of the best-selling battery powered competitor.
Of course, Air™ Cordless is everything you expect from Hoover, built on a century of constant cleaning innovation, featuring skateboard inspired steering to navigate furniture and obstacles, proprietary WindTunnel® design that triples the suction channels and no loss of suction through cyclone technology.
Hoover made the vacuum of today. Now it has made the vacuum of tomorrow. Get ready to rethink cleaning.

* The Dyson DC44 is the best-selling cordless vacuum, from November, 2012, through December, 2013, per NPD unsuppressed data.
** Per IEC 60312-1, clause 5.9

Hoover Dual Power Carpet Cleaner

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
3/19/2014               Hoover Dual Power Carpet Cleaner

Dual Brushes, Dual Tanks, Dual Power™ Breaks Barriers of Carpet Care by the Power of Two

Carpet washing has always required an occasion: A time when furniture can be moved, kids and pets corralled and all traffic stopped in the home. But for most families living full and rewarding modern lives, there is little time to stop everything to haul out the heavier carpet washers. A special spring cleaning day is usually required.
Things have changed. Hoover’s sleek, super lightweight and powerful Dual Power™ carpet washer makes spring carpet washing quicker, easier and accessible any day of any season.
The key is Hoover teechnology packed into a clean streamlined package. At less than 13.5 pounds, this is one carpet washer that is ready to go on demand. Its lack of bulk makes it perfect for everyday cleaning, whether tackling small stains or large sections of carpet.
It takes care of those tasks with an effortless one-two punch from the DualSpin® PowerBrushes which lift away deep down dirt from fibers and beautifully groom the carpet as they clean. With the 11.75-inch Wide Path Nozzle, the clean happens quickly as it effortlessly removes the dirt from the carpet.
Adding to the ease of use is Hoover’s Dual Tank technology, featuring large, easy to fill and empty tanks. Get to the mess faster, get cleaning and get it put away sooner.
Hoover’s Dual Power™ carpet washer truly crashes through the barriers that stand in the way of a wonderfully refreshed carpet. It helps create a home that exists in a state of perpetual spring clean freshness, no matter what the season.

Hoover Floormate Deluxe Press Release

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
3/19/2014               Hoover Floormate Deluxe Press Release

Banish the Bucket from Spring Cleaning with Hoover’s FloorMate® Deluxe

The evolution of hard floor cleaning begins on hands and knees with a coarse brush and a bucket. Time passes. Hard floor cleaning moves to stooping over a mop and bucket. More time passes.
Finally, the evolution of hard floor cleaning becomes a revolution, banishing the bucket and allowing the world to finally stand up straight with Hoover’s FloorMate® Deluxe.
Built on SpinScrub® Technology, the FloorMate® Deluxe is the final word in the care of sealed hard floors. It offers the deep down clean of the scrub brush as four counter-rotating brushes power away grime.  
Not only doing the scrubbing for you, the unique brushes are also interchangeable. Swap the grout and tile brush for the hardwood brush to give sealed hardwood floors a deep natural shine.
Dual tank technology ensures only clean water and solution are applied to the floor with the light squeeze of a button. Dirty water is lifted away with powerful suction into a separate container, drying the floor while cleaning. Pushing dirty water around the kitchen floor is now completely obsolete.
At only 14 pounds it’s easy to stay upright using the FloorMate®. It can be carried effortlessly to any floor or room in the house that has sealed hardwood, tile, linoleum or vinyl flooring. More than that, it’s easy to maneuver around heavy furniture.
Hoover’s FloorMate® Deluxe is completely unique in the floor care industry. There is absolutely nothing else like it on the market. It is consistently on of the best reviewed cleaners on Hoover.com, particularly from those with pets and children:
“I have hardwood floors in my kitchen and three kids.  I have tried many ways of cleaning the floors, but they never seem completely clean… So after I used this Hoover cleaner I wet a paper towel and rubbed it all around on the floor to see if there would be any leftover dirt that I would see.  Paper towel was CLEAN!!!! --  Best. Product. Ever.” – Amy40, New Jersey from her 5-star review on Hoover.com.
Evolution can be a slow grueling process, but with Hoover’s hard floor revolution, cleaning your floors no longer has to be. FloorMate® is the perfect spring cleaning companion, making the difficult task of refreshing hard floors as simple as standing up straight and walking.

Hoover Air Steerable Press Release

Thursday, March 13, 2014
3/13/2014               Hoover Air Steerable Press Release

Hoover Air™ Steerable: Moving Innovation
How do you make a vacuum flow? How do you make it feel effortless? How do you create a cleaner that is both powerful and graceful for a perfect performance?
First, you go to a skate shop.
That’s where the fluid movement of Hoover’s Air™ Steerable was inspired. Product Development Engineer Greg Henderson, on vacation with his family, became enthralled by the movement of skateboards enabled by their trucks. He returned to Hoover HQ in Glenwillow Ohio with a special souvenir, an idea for a prototype.
 “We actually put real skateboard wheels on the unit,” Henderson said.
In the end, the idea became a reality and Henderson’s work hours became just a few of the 10,000 design and engineer hours to make the perfect cleaner. Today, the steerable is the most maneuverable cleaner in Hoover’s Air™ range of products which have sold more than 1.6 million worldwide. The reason? The perfect blend of grace and power.
Grace: At only 14 pounds in use, Air™ Steerable is easy to grab and go, easily carried to any room or floor in the home.
Power: Multi-cyclonic technology means powerful filtration with absolutely no loss of suction*.
Grace: An ultra-low nozzle profile and the ability to move from carpet to hard floor without stopping means that there are fewer inaccessible hiding places for dirt.
Power: Exclusive Windtunnel® Technology offers three channels of suction to get deep down embedded dirt to the dirt cup.
“It’s a great thing when you see something that you’ve thought about that actually became a product,” explained Greg Henderson. “I see this cleaner today and I’m very proud of it. Not only of how cool it looks but how well it performs.”
The Air™ Steerable is just one of Hoover’s Air™ range of products which include the Air™ Pro Bagless Upright, the Air™ Canister and the revolutionary new Air™ Cordless, Hoover’s first full-size cordless upright powered by the LithiumLife™ battery system.
There is an Air™ vacuum for any application: A Pro for big messes and a cordless for perfect freedom. But there’s only one Air™ with the soul of skateboarder.

*Per IEC 60312-1 Clause 5.9.