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20 " Chrome Extension Wand

20 " Chrome Extension Wand

Model # 43453027

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20" chrome wand with button lock. For most older canister models and Portapower models.
  Model # Category Description Price
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WindTunnel S3646--- FINISHED GOODS WindTunnel
PowerMAX Deluxe Canister S3601050 FINISHED GOODS PowerMAX Deluxe Canister
Commercial Shoulder Vac Portable C2089--- FINISHED GOODS Commercial Shoulder Vac Portable $430.00
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WindTunnel Canister Cleaner S3630050 FINISHED GOODS WindTunnel Canister Cleaner
TurboPOWER WindTunnel Canister S3649--- FINISHED GOODS TurboPOWER WindTunnel Canister
PortaPower Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner CH30000 FINISHED GOODS PortaPower Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner $199.00